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The Drippy Saga was a cancelled season of Cloud’s Forum Adventures. It was intended to take place sometime after Season 6B (which introduced Megar’s new name and blue scarf). It told the story of Megar’s uvula, Drippy, and how Andro accidentally transformed it into a sentient antagonist.


The plot begins at an exclusive gym in San Antonio, Texas. Megar is seen using a treadmill in which he is running at top speed. Switch and Cloud are sitting on an inactive treadmill next to Megar’s sharing a sandwich. After a short argument regarding Switch’s use of mustard, Cloud asks Megar why they had to come along. Megar explains that they’ve had nothing to do lately and that he has to stay “in shape”. Cloud expresses frustration that his question was not properly answered.

Just then, Cloud’s Dual Screen begins ringing, causing him to startle and spill the sandwich’s contents all over the floor. Switch, now in tears, flees the scene. Cloud is about to say something, but instead picks up his Dual Screen to hear Andro’s voice on the line. Andro greets Cloud and tells him about a new invention that has just entered its beta stage: a laser beam that can make any body part sentient. Impressed, Cloud tells Andro they’ll be right over to give it a shot. Before hanging up, Andro boasts to Cloud that his favorite body part now has a mind of its own.

The scene cuts to Escape Space Station, revealing that Megar has stolen the gym’s treadmill and is carrying it in tow. Cloud and Megar enter Andro’s office (Switch is absent) and make their presence known. Andro, who is sitting in a chair, swivels around and welcomes the two. Looking between his shoes, Andro invites Megar to touch him. Megar complies (having not heard the call), and is shocked when Andro’s tail smacks him in the face.

Laughing, Andro reveals that he was just kidding and has not actually tested the device. Megar, angered at Andro’s cruel prank, slaps him across the face. Andro, restraining himself from fighting back, spits his gum on the floor and unveils the device. Curious, Cloud volunteers to serve as Andro’s guinea pig. Andro enthusiastically fires a beam at Cloud’s hat, but the shot has no visible effect. Cloud, seemingly aware of something the others are not, smirks at the screen mischievously.

Andro’s machine, which has just consumed a massive amount of energy, begins to recharge for its next shot. Suddenly, Cloud’s hat begins to shrink, and it suddenly releases the laser in Megar’s direction. Before he can move out of the way, the beam enters his mouth and strikes his uvula. Megar, unaware of this effect, begins boasting about being able to eat laser beams unharmed. An unfamiliar voice speaks out, insulting Megar for being so naive. Cloud realizes that Megar’s uvula is the one speaking, and begins to laugh. Megar, unsure of his next move, glances at Andro in horror.

The scene shifts to Spectra’s “house” – a small, comfy cave with bright candles and waterfalls – where Switch is seen sitting on a raised rock. Spectra arrives at the rock with Switch’s favorite sandwich in hand, telling him she won’t judge him for his misuse of mustard. Switch thanks Spectra for the food. Feeling accomplished, Spectra sits next to Switch and watches him eat. Switch asks Spectra if she wants a bite, but she refuses, explaining that she does not need to eat to stay alive. Before Switch can ask questions, Spectra asks him how Cloud and Megar have been. Switch, in a somber tone, states that they are doing all right, but have been rather busy lately.

Interrupting the conversation, Switch’s Dual Screen begins to ring. Switch reluctantly pulls it out, noticing an incoming call from Megar. He shoots a frustrated glance at Spectra, who encourages him to pick up the call. Rolling his eyes, Switch accepts the call. Megar appears on the line in a panic, telling Switch that his uvula has become sentient. Switch, confused, asks Megar to repeat himself. Megar’s uvula begins speaking, and insults Switch for being “deaf and stupid”. This offends Switch, who tells Megar to watch his mouth. In the background, Cloud laughs at the pun. Spectra suggests the group meet up at Escape Space Station to assess the situation.

One hour later, Switch, Spectra, Cloud, Megar, and Andro are seen in Andro’s office at the Escape Space Station. Megar is trying to eat a chicken nugget from a bag of McDonald’s, but his uvula makes him gag every time he puts food in his mouth. Megar expresses frustration, exclaiming that he is going to starve if they don’t do something soon. His uvula acts proud of itself and tells Megar to get used to it.

Spectra suggests that Megar see a doctor, but Switch shuts this down, explaining that most doctors probably have not dealt with a sentient uvula. Cloud approaches Megar and takes a look in his mouth, but steps away when Megar’s uvula starts gleeking in his direction. Cloud tells Megar to “say it, don’t spray it”.

Deep in thought, Andro finally comes up with a solution. He reveals a second machine – the Macronator – that can expand any living being to a large size. Andro notes that the machine is a work-in-progress, but that it could allow the Lander to destroy Megar’s uvula once and for all. Megar’s uvula approves of this idea, expressing its interest in becoming large. Spectra, tired of calling it Megar’s uvula, nicknames it Drippy. Drippy thanks Spectra for coming up with a new name, as it does not want to be associated with nor attached to Megar in any capacity.

Working through the night, Andro and Switch make modifications to the Macronator in preparation for a full-scale assault on Drippy. As they work, Megar continues to experience inconveniences. Drippy begins triggering vomit whenever Megar speaks, preventing him from saying anything, and continues to trigger gagging whenever he eats or drinks. Cloud finds this difficult to sympathize with, instead laughing at Megar’s misfortune. Megar expresses his frustration with the situation and tells Cloud to “shut his damn face”.

Eventually, Megar falls asleep and begins snoring. The noise bothers Drippy, so Drippy begins to scream as loud as he can in an attempt to wake up Megar. Unfortunately for Drippy, Megar’s mouth is closed, muting his screams. Cloud points this out to Spectra, explaining that he likes to listen to Drippy suffer. Drippy tries to scream even louder, but the sound is nullified.

The next morning, Cloud, Megar, Drippy, and Spectra head back into Andro’s office. The Macronator has been complete, and Switch has drawn up a comprehensive plan. Drippy begins to tug away from Megar, trying to detach himself to no avail. It begins to release small spores of some sort, which Megar notes “taste like tar”. Andro outlines the plan: Megar will be launched deep into space and shot with the Macronator. He will expand to the size of a planet for roughly fifteen minutes (the device was completed in a rush) in which Cloud, Switch, and Spectra will confront giant Drippy in the Lander.

Megar exclaims that this situation is out of control. Andro tells Megar there is nothing else he can do, and offers an alternate solution of keeping Drippy forever. This angers Drippy, who adamantly denies that possibility. With no other option, Megar is loaded into the Escape Space Station’s primary cannon and is shot deep into space. Cloud, Spectra, and Switch board the Lander, planning to end their quarrel with Drippy once and for all.

Cloud, who is communicating with Andro via Dual Screen, determines Megar’s coordinates via the Lander’s positioning system. He forwards these to Escape Space Station, which begins rerouting energy to the Macronator. After a moment of charging, Escape fires a massive laser beam that suddenly fizzles out. Cloud asks Andro what happened. Following a moment of silence, the Macronator malfunctions and begins rapid-firing small beams. One of them strikes Megar, who suddenly grows gigantic.

Megar, whose voice is now deep and slow, tells the protagonists he will take care of the malfunctions. He is struck by several rapid-fire beams in a row, causing him to grow even larger. Andro begins to panic, saying that just one beam would cause its victim to grow to the size of a planet… and that he does not know what happens if an individual target is struck multiple times. Megar answers his question by growing to the size of a supernova.

Megar tries to talk, but the air he expels pushes the Lander far away. Frightened by his newfound power, Megar begins inhaling to draw the Lander in. Cloud tells Megar to stop, but his voice is too quiet, and Megar cannot hear him. The Lander is absorbed into Megar’s mouth, where the trio confront a gargantuan-sized Drippy. Spectra tells Switch and Cloud to avoid debris as she begins charging her gem for something.

Drippy, who is not accustomed to his new size, begins expelling spores that obscure Cloud and Switch’s vision. The two pilot the Lander out of the fog and fire a laser at Drippy, but it has no effect. Drippy, whose voice is also deep and slow, taunts the protagonists for barely scratching him. Spectra tells Cloud that their attacks won’t work on such a large opponent. Cloud asks her what to do, and Spectra tells him to open the Lander’s top hatch. Cloud reluctantly agrees, and Spectra exits the Lander and stands on its roof.

Megar, whose mouth is closed to prevent the Lander from drifting out, tells Cloud, Switch, and Spectra to hurry, as he will need to breathe soon. Spectra’s gem reaches its highest charge. With this new power, Spectra jumps up and surrounds Drippy in a pink aura, absorbing its sentience into her gem and returning Megar’s uvula to normal. Switch wonders what’s going to happen to Spectra’s gem. Megar finally breathes out, flinging the Lander directly into Escape Space Station.

The Macronator’s effects wear off, and Megar returns to normal size. He zips over to the Lander to make sure everybody is okay. He recovers, Cloud, Switch, and Spectra from the wreckage (the pieces of which drift into space) and pulls them into Escape Space Station.

Inside the station, Spectra’s gem has taken on a darker color. Cloud asks if Drippy is in there, and Spectra answers her question by dispelling it from her gem. Red fluid is discharged from her gem, which instantly attacks Megar and turns blue. Megar flinches, but realizes he is not being hurt. The fluid circles around him and then pools into a puddle below him. Megar steps aside and Drippy takes form as a blue, liquid Megar.

Coming to his senses, Drippy hugs Megar and apologizes for being rude. Andro wonders if the Macronator makes any body part evil, noting that Megar was his first test subject. Cloud and Spectra are happy that Drippy is nice, and the two inspect the Macronator. Unfortunately, one of them slips and hits the button, striking Megar’s scarf. Megar’s scarf suddenly becomes sentient and constricts around him in an attempt to choke him. Drippy tries to pull it off. Switch shrugs, telling Cloud and Spectra they should hit the gym while Megar and Andro try to solve this one.

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