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The Gigaplex Saga was a cancelled season of Cloud’s Forum Adventures. It was intended to take place in a new continuity separate from all other seasons and involved the Observatarians and their quest to defeat the Gigaplex. Despite being cancelled, its storyline was complete and is provided here.


The story begins at Cloud’s Observatory late at night. Switch is seen scrambling about in his private quarters, presumably searching for something. The scene cuts to Cloud’s room, where Switch bursts in and wakes him up frantically. Cloud, half-awake, asks Switch what’s wrong. Switch replies that someone has broken into the Observatory and made off with a very important item. Cloud comes to his senses in an instant and nervously asks Switch what it is. Switch tells him he doesn’t have time to explain and tells him to look for a futuristic cube. Cloud and Switch agree to team up to look for the cube, but also agree to leave Megar out of it given that he tends to make bad situations worse.

The next chapter begins on the Valtteri Island (meaning the planet in this iteration is indeed Earth). Cloud and Switch have seemingly split up, as Cloud is seen entering a building in the city. Cloud, using his dual screen to call Switch, lies to him and explains that he’s checking the Observatory’s security system for any clues. Switch accepts and Cloud hangs up. Cloud pulls out a key and opens the door to the building and finds the place ransacked. He hurries inside and rushes to a safe. Its door was apparently torn off and its contents are empty. Cloud, visibly concerned, swears under his breath for being a fool.

Back at the Observatory, Megar’s alarm clock goes off, causing him to wake up with a jump. He dons his signature blue scarf and waltzes out to the living room only to find it empty. Unsure of Cloud and Switch’s locations, Megar tries to call them, but to no avail. He resolves to try and locate them, but quickly changes his mind and decides to eat breakfast on the sofa instead. He watches the news, which shows a human for the first time in Cloud’s Forum Adventures history. The anchor explains something about an upcoming election. Her wording seems to imply that a particular candidate will win in a landslide victory. Megar, who apparently knows the candidate, shuts off the TV, muttering to himself that the human race is doomed.

Cloud is shown in a completely different area looking guilty. This implies that he is the one who stole Switch’s item, which was then stolen by a third party. Cloud is using his Dual Screen to track the item, but is coming up short. The scene cuts to a picture of a sunset, showing that Cloud and Switch have been searching all day. Cloud is then shown in another new area, and his Dual Screen picks up on a signal. Excited, Cloud runs after it in hopes of recovering the lost item.

Switch, looking dejected, returns to the Observatory. There, he meets Megar, who asks Switch why he’s been gone for so long. Switch, in a worried tone, tells him not to worry about it. Megar asks him where Cloud went, to which Switch tells him not to worry either. Megar, now suspicious, decides to take matters into his own hands. His first task is to find Cloud, who he knows will spill the beans.

The next morning, Megar recruits Spectra to help try and find Cloud. She reveals to Megar that she can sense the location of those who have formed a bond with her, as her power is reading hearts. Surprised and somewhat concerned for his privacy, Megar acknowledges her ability. The two track Cloud down to Miami, Florida and prepare themselves to be beamed down.

Megar and Spectra appear on the streets of Miami. Several humans (who are many feet taller than the two) are walking on the sidewalks. Spectra tells Megar that she tries to stay away from humans, but Megar remarks that the humans can’t see them anyway. The two look ahead to see a crowd of people in a stadium. Spectra tells Megar she senses Cloud in the center of the crowd.

The crowd has gathering to listen to the political ramblings of Zepheniah Knox. Megar hears people talking about him, and he instantly recalls seeing him before. Megar tells Spectra he knows this guy, and wonders what Cloud is doing at one of his campaign rallies. Remembering that they are invisible to humans, Megar and Spectra enter the arena to find Knox speaking at a pedestal. Spectra spots Cloud hiding behind a wall next to the pedestal.

Megar and Spectra jump into the crowd to observe Cloud’s actions without being seen. As Knox speaks about income taxes, they notice Cloud jump next to the pedestal. He climbs up it and digs in Knox’s pocket, and he pulls out dirty tissues and a cell phone before tossing them on the ground. The crowd becomes confused, as they were not able to see Cloud but are able to see that the objects fell. Cloud climbs on top of the pedestal and sits down, checking his dual screen. He notices the signal is coming from inside Knox’s heart, which puzzles him. Suddenly, Knox swats Cloud away, revealing that he is able to see him. Megar and Spectra look at each other in shock, realizing that Knox would be able to see them too.

Cloud recovers and notices his Dual Screen was destroyed by the impact. Knox apologizes to the crowd, explaining that a large bug had landed on the podium. Cloud, surprised, realizes that Knox can see him. He scans the crowd, but none of them are looking at him; Cloud concludes that Knox must be a special case somehow. Cloud notices Megar waving to him from the crowd. Cloud runs over and jumps under the bleachers to hide from Knox, where he meets up with Megar and Spectra.

Megar asks Cloud what he’s doing. Cloud tells him he stole an important item from Switch because he wanted to play around with it, and that he left it at his workplace but that it was robbed. Cloud goes on to explain that his Dual Screen was able to track its location, and that the location appeared to be in Knox’s heart. Megar suggests that the lost item must be inside of his shirt pocket. Megar tells Cloud and Spectra that he has unfinished business with Knox and offers to recover the lost item. Cloud agrees, but tells him to be careful in case he can see him too.

Megar sneaks around the back of the stadium so that Knox is facing away from him. Spectra uses her powers to bring Cloud the pieces of his broken Dual Screen. Cloud summons a toolbox from the Observatory and begins to fix it as Megar closes in. Megar sneaks up from behind and quickly jumps on the pedestal, reaching into Knox’s shirt pocket but finding nothing. Knox quickly punches the pedestal, missing Megar, who dodged. Knox attempts to swat him away, giving him an evil look. Megar jumps over it and then slams into Knox, sending him crashing into the back of the area. His physical form begins to glitch out before it completely dissolves, much to the protagonists’ surprise. The crowd gasps and begins to panic, unsure of what just happened. Cloud, Megar, and Spectra escape back to Cloud’s Observatory.

The next chapter begins with Cloud apologizing to Switch for stealing his precious item. Switch explains that the item, called the Gigaplex, is capable of copying anything in the universe – even living beings. Those living beings then share the same consciousness, allowing them to take on the role of a “hivemind” of sorts. Switch tells Cloud that Knox must have stole the Gigaplex. Megar denies this, telling Switch that Knox must have sent “his men” after it. Megar explains that him and Knox had an encounter years ago, and that Megar did something to Knox that made him very angry. He tells the protagonists that Knox began going after Megar, and that he must have learned of his relation to Cloud and invaded his workplace. Cloud asks why Knox would need the Gigaplex, and Megar answers: to clone members of his administration to vote for him illegitimately in polls. He tells the group that election night is in two days, and that they must put a stop to him before he is elected President of the United States.

Cloud, Megar, Switch, and Spectra are seen flying high in the Cobalt Spark over the skies of southern Nevada. Cloud, holding his repaired Dual Screen, tells Megar it’d make sense for the Gigaplex’s core to be stored in Area 51 as the signal suggests. Megar agrees, reminding everyone that only Knox can see them – not Area 51’s guards. Switch takes over the controls, wishing the three the best of luck. Cloud, Megar, and Spectra jump off the Cobalt Spark, and are surprised when infrared lasers begin firing at them. Spectra creates a gem bubble around the shield that protects the three. Upon landing (and after bouncing several times), the three run to the closest entrance, going right past guards on high alert who can’t see them.

Cloud, Megar, and Spectra are next seen running through a hallway on alert. Guards run past them, and the three dodge their movements to continue on. Megar summons a spear to smash through consecutive iron doors and the three arrive at a huge labyrinth of rooms. Cloud confirms the signal on his Dual Screen and leads the three onward. They finally arrive at a containment unit, which Megar destroys with his electrical spear. They go inside and find the Gigaplex’s core glowing, indicating it is at its limit. Cloud shakes his head, realizing that Megar must have been correct about Knox’s plan.

The scene cuts to an overhead view of Area 51. A huge explosion is seen as Switch flies Cloud, Megar, and Spectra away in the Cobalt Spark. Megar’s hand is seen burnt, implying he destroyed the Gigaplex core with his spear. The three go back to Cloud’s Observatory, having apparently saved the day.

That night, Cloud is seen in Area 51 once again despite having left. He sneaks behind a wall in a giant parking lot full of airships. He peeks out, noticing the coast is clear. He signals to a group of others to follow as he runs towards one of the ships.

The next morning, Cloud is watching the news but notices that no mention is made of Knox disappearing at the stadium. Megar suggests that they must’ve used some sort of memory-wiping device, or that maybe they made everyone there sign a non-disclosure agreement in exchange for money. Switch is seen programming the Gigaplex’s cloud servers. Spectra, who is there with him, asks Switch what he’s doing. Switch tells her that since the Gigaplex’s core was destroyed, it can no longer create new copies of entities, but that the other ones still exist. He then tells Spectra that he can order the server to erase all copies created by the Gigaplex, but that he can’t erase them one-by-one: in other words, it’s erase all or erase nothing.

Switch presses the button to erase all copies, but the program fails and throws up an error screen. Puzzled, Switch asks himself why it wouldn’t be working. Suddenly, the Observatory’s security system kicks in, detecting hundreds of ships incoming. Panicked, Switch tells Cloud, Megar, and Spectra to come to the window. They see a huge amount of ships approaching them. Megar curses under his breath, explaining that it must be Knox coming after them for their incident the other day. The group runs back to the control room to activate the Observatory’s defense mode. It creates a shield around itself as the ships begin firing.

The Observatory takes the form of a giant mech as it begins fighting off the ships. With each hit, the ships rebound and continue firing. Switch remarks that the ships seen immune to their attacks for some reason. Cloud tells them not to worry. One of the ships opens its helm and over fifty other Clouds pour out of it and begin jumping onto other ships. Switch smacks Cloud, realizing that he used the Gigaplex on himself. Cloud asks Switch why he doesn’t think his plan was clever. Switch tells Cloud none of this would have happened if he could have erased all of the Gigaplex entries; apparently it wouldn’t let him because there was copies of Cloud on it. Cloud disagrees and says his plan was amazing. The Cloud clones go into each ship and activate a self-destruct module, destroying all of the ships and the Cloud clones.

Switch successfully erases the Gigaplex’s entries, causing Knox’s support to drop dramatically, as many of his supporters were in fact Gigaplex-created. He loses the election the next night, and Cloud, Megar, Spectra, and Switch celebrate with wine and pizza. Cloud asks Megar what his beef with Knox was, but Megar refuses to say, foreshadowing something in the future.

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