Cloud’s Forum Adventures Wiki: Lost Episodes

Despite being mostly well-documented over the years, several episodes of Cloud’s Forum Adventures are currently believed to be lost forever. If you have any information as to the whereabouts of these episodes, you are encouraged to join the Exion Discord server and inform an administrator immediately.

Season 6A

In late 2015, Cloud wiped the entirety of Cloud’s Forum Adventures off the face of the internet during a fit of rage. Despite this, most of the episodes were recovered soon after and were reuploaded to multiple image hosting sites.

For many years, Season 6A was thought to have consisted of 24 episodes. However, “Four Years Ago” (which was listed as Episode 22) did not seamlessly connect to “Beancore Battle Blues” (which was incorrectly listed as Episode 23). This revealed that six episodes had been missing for several years.

After months of searching for these episodes to no avail, they were eventually found stored in an old MediaFire account on March 16, 2019. The episodes recovered included “The Knux Conspiracy”, “Twilight Transgression”, “Raid on Cloud’s Observatory”, “Enjoy Your Stay”, “The Quest for Sweet and Sour Chicken”, and “The Chicken-Laser Correlation”. They were immediately uploaded to Exion Vault for safekeeping and have been fully recovered.

Season 6B

Season 6B introduced many series firsts, and this trait carried over to its development as well. Rather than drawing episodes at home, Cloud drew them during classes on a school computer. Once completed, these episodes were transferred to a flash drive and then uploaded on a home computer. Episode 10 was completed, but was unfortunately lost; this is because it was never transferred from the school system to the flash drive.

As a result, Episode 10 is believed to be lost forever. It may still exist within the school system; however, its network cannot be accessed to retrieve the lost file. Episode 10 was a continuation of “Riding the Wind” and would have seen Megar chase Switch and Andro to a remote island in order to recover the kidnapped Spectra.

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