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Luna is a recurring protagonist in Cloud’s Forum Adventures. He was the very first character to make an appearance, and did so in “The Pilot Episode” as the narrator. He appears as a purple-colored character with a yellow moon hat.


Luna is commonly thought to be the most formal character in the series. Except under dire circumstances, he always keeps calm and can use his Dream World powers to cool down any situation. He is implied to be more powerful than even Cloud and Megar, although the extent of this power has yet to be seen.


Luna first appeared in the pilot episode of Season 1 to introduce the series to viewers. He claimed that, because he was a member of the Dream World, he could break the fourth wall and create non-canon episodes to communicate with viewers.

Luna did not appear again until the Season 2 finale, where he was revealed as the mastermind behind the attack on Cloud’s Observatory. After being demoted from a position of power, Luna apparently became resentful towards Cloud, leading him to “apply” for Dream World powers. The exact circumstances behind Luna’s demotion are unknown.

In Season 3, Luna played the role of primary antagonist. Cloud stormed Luna’s castle and was able to defeat him in battle, only for Spectra to reveal herself and explain that Luna was under her control all along. From then on, Luna remained a key asset in defeating Spectra (and by extension, Dark Matter and Zero).

In Season 4, Luna, along with the rest of the protagonists, was kidnapped from Cloud’s Observatory and warped to Patch Land.

Luna did not appear again until Season 6A. In “Cloud’s Essence Fades Away”, Cloud is temporarily disabled by Essence, and Luna appears as backup and helps defeat the enemy. Luna has not been featured in any episodes since.

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