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Megar is the main protagonist of Cloud’s Forum Adventures. He made his debut in the Season 1 finale where he dealt the finishing blow to Dark Cloud. Megar first appeared as a white character with blue hair and shoes. In Season 3, his design was updated: his hair and shoe colors were both changed to brown. As of Season 6A, Megar also wears a blue scarf.


Megar is a fun-loving, energetic character who loves to crack jokes, jump into danger, and make rash decisions. His fighting ability is second to none; in fact, he is commonly thought to be the strongest character in the Cloud’s Forum Adventures canon. His true abilities are first shown in Season 6B, where he can create electrified lances from thin air.


Megar (using the name Blue) first appeared in “The Final Showdown”. After Cloud was knocked away by his dark counterpart, Megar used a supersonic speed attack to defeat Dark Cloud a single hit.

In Season 2, Megar joined Switch, ADventuresVDO, Keebs, Beanluv, Revoblam, 11tailedwolf, and 1Line087 in their quest to save Cloud from oblivion. When Dark Switch attempted to attack the protagonists with the Soul Shard, Megar used his signature speed attack to shatter it. He later uses this same attack to defeat Dark Switch.

After an absence of several episodes, Megar reappeared in Season 3’s “The Final Spectral Battle, Part 5” sporting his updated brown hair. He gave Cloud a Miracle Fruit to assist him in his battle against Spectra.

Megar, along with the rest of the protagonists, was captured by Stringer in Season 4. He revealed his signature weapon, the B-Javelin, which wielded the power of ice. In the season finale, Megar and Cloud teamed up to fight and defeat Soul of Beanluv.

Megar appeared once again in Season 5. When Cloud is possessed by the Miracle Crown, Megar and Spectra joined forces to defeat him. Immediately afterward, however, Megar himself was possessed by the crown; he then used his Dream World powers to freeze the entire Earth. Unlike Cloud, Megar was able to free himself from the crown’s influence by sheer force of will.

In Season 6A, Megar’s blue scarf was introduced. He wielded the Celestial Sabers and made a pit stop in Privana City.

In Season 6B, Megar was promoted to the role of main protagonist. In “Megar’s Cool House”, Megar returned to his home – a cozy cave dug into a mountain – only to find Spectra resting there. After a quick fight, the two cleared things up and Megar brought her back to Cloud’s Observatory. When Spectra was kidnapped by Switch and Andro, Megar gave chase in his airplane, the Cobalt Spark. He then invaded the enemy ship and defeated both of them.


  • Megar is by far the most popular Cloud’s Forum Adventures character. Despite appearing in a relatively small number of episodes, his personality and design were fleshed out afterward. His iconic catchphrase, “Yo, what the hell is this?”, has become a common phrase used within the fandom.
  • Megar’s brown hair was originally inspired by Gary Oak of Pokémon fame. His blue scarf was inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog’s scarf from the Sonic Boom animated series.
  • Megar’s original design was lifted from The Adventures of Knux. It featured light blue hair and shoes, but was later changed to its modern look.

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