Megar Twitter account

The Megar Twitter account (not to be confused with Megar’s Twitter account) was a Cloud’s Forum Adventures-themed persona created by Cloud on November 19, 2018. In a tragic turn of events for the Cloud’s Forum Adventures community, the account was suspended by Twitter moderators two hours after its creation.


Cloud created the Megar Twitter account on November 19, 2018. As with most Twitter accounts, it was intended to focus on parody and comedy. Prior to the account’s creation, Cloud created over 350 Cloud’s Forum Adventures-related memes to post on a daily basis. Intending to kickstart the Megar account, he tweeted the character’s signature catchphrase, “Yo, what the hell is this?”. The account was immediately suspended by Twitter moderators and is considered defunct. No replacement accounts were ever created.

Avid fans of Cloud’s Forum Adventures were outraged by the suspension of the Megar Twitter account; in response, they began to boycott the platform. As a result of the boycott, Twitter lost over four users; as a result, the account posted a public apology on November 27, 2018 but did not reinstate the account. CFA fans believe this suspension played a hand in the decline of the series.

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