Cloud’s Forum Adventures Wiki: Minor Characters

Several minor characters appear throughout Cloud’s Forum Adventures. These characters are seen somewhat rarely and lack fully developed personalities. Since the series’ protagonists were based on members of Cloud’s Forum. many new characters were shoehorned in to increase exposure, resulting in a number of plot-irrelevant inclusions.

  • ADventuresVDO made his debut in “The Beginning of the End”, and appears as a tan-bodied character with brown hair. In Season 2, he joined the protagonists in their quest to revive Cloud. ADventuresVDO did not appear again until Season 4, where he was one of many captured by Stringer and warped to Patch Land.
  • Revoblam made his first appearance in “The Beginning of the End”, and is shown as a blue character wearing a dark-colored magic hat. In the same vein as ADventuresVDO, Revoblam joins the group in Season 2 and is also captured by Stringer in Season 4.
  • Keebs (also known as Herobrine8219 and Keeby) also debuts in “The Beginning of the End”, and at first appears as a gray character with horns. He was a member of the group that aimed to revive Cloud using the Soul Shard. In Season 4, Keebs’ design was updated; his body color was changed to yellow and his shoe color was changed to orange. He appeared in Season 7 as a primary protagonist.
  • 11tailedwolf made his first and only appearance in “Undersea Battle”, where he ambushed Dark Cloud and assisted in defeating him. The character has not made any appearances since, but was intended to be the main protagonist of the cancelled Pirate Saga.
  • 1Line087 made his first and only appearance in “The Search for the Fourth Shard”, where he landed on Softfreeze to search for the Soul Star’s next shard. He has not made any appearances since.
  • Andro is a primary protagonist in Season 3. He is the leader of Escape and teleported Cloud out of Luna’s clutches in the nick of time. He helped Cloud go back in time and track down his friends and also assisted in the battle against Spectra.
  • Raster debuted as a supporting protagonist in Season 3. He made his first on-screen appearance in “Into the Black Hole”, where he, along with Andro and Bomber57, helped Cloud storm Luna’s castle. In “The First Spectral Battle, Part 2”, he provides Cloud with a Miracle Fruit to give him an advantage over Spectra.
  • Bomber57 played the role of supporting protagonist in Season 3. Alongside Andro and Raster, Bomber57 helped Cloud track down Luna and eventually battle Spectra. He makes his first appearance in “The First Lunar Battle”.
  • DragonSoul is one of seven sages of the Dream World who made a brief appearance in Season 3. He is shown as a red-colored character with gray hair. He was intended to play a major role in the cancelled Pirate Saga.
  • Stringer was the main antagonist of Season 4. He was a creation of Beanluv, spoke in an odd accent, and kidnapped the protagonists from Cloud’s Observatory.
  • Nexus made her first appearance in “Meteor Shower Gone Wrong”. She was shown piloting a large ship resembling a meteor, and needed to use the Miracle Crown’s energy to lift off. In “Nexus’ Departure”, her ship gathers enough energy to leave Earth. Nexus is never seen again.
  • Kaiby appeared in Season 5 riding the Warp Star. Cloud called him as backup to assist Switch and Megar in their battle against the Miracle Crown. Kaiby is implied to be friends with Keebs and Kasby.
  • Kasby appears in “The Magical Gathering” to help Switch and Megar fight the Miracle Crown. Kasby only appears in one panel and is never seen again.
  • Knux is a primary protagonist in Season 6A. At first he appeared as a villain working for the Nightmare Legion, but later revealed that he became a commander to destroy the organization from the inside out. He helped Cloud recover his Observatory from the clutches of the dark army.
  • Absol was a secondary antagonist in Season 6A. He appeared as an indigo-colored character with white hair and a scythe. He had a sarcastic and flippant personality that helped him manipulate others.
  • Sleepy was a minor character in Season 6A. He ran Hotel Sleepy located in Privana City. He gave Megar a hotel key and was never seen again.
  • Silverdeoxys was a minor character in Season 6A who ran a sweet and sour chicken store. He used the Food Launcher to launch a plate of sweet and sour chicken into space to help Knux deactivate the Observatory’s defense system.
  • Leaf was a major character in Season 7. Leaf worked alongside Keebs to cleanse the darkness plaguing Cloud’s Observatory.

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