Cloud’s Forum Adventures Wiki: Minor Locations

Several minor locations appear throughout Cloud’s Forum Adventures. They were visited two times or less and were never seen again.

  • The Valtteri Island is implied to be Earth’s most populated landmass. In Season 1’s “A Shady Situation”, Cloud was cast out of the Observatory and woke up on the Valtteri Island. Its name is derived from an identical location that appeared in the webcomic The Adventures of Knux.
  • The Valtterian Cliffside is, hence its name, a cliffside located on the Valtteri Island. It contains an interdimensional fissure that leads to Oblivia. Both Cloud and Beanluv are known to have entered the fissure.
  • Dark Cloud’s Observatory is the Oblivian equivalent of Cloud’s Observatory. It is green with two rings and is equipped with a large telescope. It is presumably led by Dark Cloud.
  • Glassbreak Mountain is the implied home of the Soul Shard. The protagonists (led by Switch) visited Glassbreak Mountain to obtain the Soul Shard in order to revive Cloud. Dark Switch beat them there, however, and Megar shattered the shard to prevent the dark counterparts from using it for evil.
  • Escape is the home world of Andro, Raster, and Bomber57. In Season 3, Megar was mentioned to have a degree of affiliation with Escape. Nothing else is known about it other than that it is equipped with remote teleporters.
  • Luna’s Castle is Luna’s Castle. Cloud, Andro, Raster, and Bomber57 stormed the place in Season 3. Thanks to Raster’s Miracle Fruit, Cloud was able to free all of his captured friends from the castle dungeon.
  • Beanluv’s Dimension was Soul of Beanluv’s last-ditch attempt to wipe out Cloud and Megar. It was a purple-colored dimension that seemed unnatural in appearance. Upon Soul of Beanluv’s defeat, it was destroyed and Cloud and Megar were teleported away by the Miracle Crown.
  • The Miracle Crown’s Castle is a large empty building that apparently belongs to the Miracle Crown. Cloud, Switch, Megar, and Keebs visit it at the end of Season 5.
  • SMBX City is a location mentioned in Season 5 and then seen in Season 6A. Beanluv and Absol visit it in “The Unforgettable Scent” and attempt to gain control over it. It was based on the Super Mario Bros. X forums.
  • Privana is an area that appeared in Season 6A. Megar was seen sleeping in one of its hotels. Privana is also home to numerous restaurants and stores.

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