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Relationships are an important pillar of life that avid readers of Cloud’s Forum Adventures tend to lack. Most (if not all) of these readers are searching for a partner, though they do not know exactly how to establish a relationship with one. In June 2019, Cloud sent Omega and FarmingSim a comprehensive plan to use Cloud’s Forum Adventures to impress a potential partner, set up a date, and eventually get married. Using this plan, Omega and FarmingSim were both married within two weeks.


  1. Pay Cloud $22 on PayPal
  2. Tell your romantic interest that you wrote & drew a beloved comic series
  3. Cloud will use the $22 to purchase a temporary domain for the site
  4. Cloud will send you a link to the Cloud’s Forum Adventures archive on the aforementioned temporary domain
  5. Show your romantic interest the link to Cloud’s Forum Adventures
  6. You have assumed the role of Cloud for the day; this means ownership of CFA has been transferred to you for 24 hours
  7. When your romantic interest has finished reading the series, Cloud will delete the temporary domain so that they cannot use it to view the site again
  8. Your romantic interest will be so impressed with CFA that they will instantly propose
  9. Marry your now-fiancé
  10. Several years later, your spouse will remember the website you showed them and ask how it is doing
  11. Tell your spouse you shut it down to focus on spending time with them (this will also result in the acquisition of brownie points)

As mentioned earlier, everybody who has followed these instructions found themselves happily married within two weeks. The plan has a 100% success rate and is essentially guaranteed to form strong life relationships. Please note that the plan can be used on more than one person if the user desires additional friends.

General Tips & Tricks

If the Cloud’s Forum Adventures acquisition is too intimidating, a collection of additional relationship tricks has been included as well. Most CFA readers have never been in a relationship, so be sure to read the following information carefully:

  • Here’s an obvious one: just because you like somebody doesn’t mean they’re going to like you back. If someone doesn’t like you, that is not your cue to work harder to make them like you. It’s you convincing yourself that you weren’t rejected. Everybody experiences rejection, and feeling disappointed afterwards is okay. It’s important to learn not to be afraid of rejection.
  • When asking somebody out, don’t put any pressure on the other person, and certainly do not guilt them into doing something with you. Make them feel like they have a choice.
  • On a similar note, when asking somebody out, be direct. For example, if you want to go to the movies with someone, don’t say that you were going to go with or without them. That makes the other person feel like an afterthought. If you want to go somewhere with someone, be clear that you want to go with them. If they decline, it isn’t the end of the world, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you did something wrong.
  • Don’t be formal when talking or messaging the other person. No one wants to hear “hi”, “how are you?”, “how’s school?”, and “how was work today?” all the time. Asking these questions infrequently is fine, but using them as your go-to conversation starter is not recommended.
  • Try to find something in common with the person you have in mind, most notably a hobby or an interest. Please note that sharing the same school or workplace does not count as something in common (as conversations about school and work grow tiresome after a while).
  • Another obvious one, but maintain your personal hygiene. Shower regularly, wash your face, wash your hands, use a bit of cologne or perfume, and shave (if applicable). Many CFA fans forget to maintain their hygiene.
  • Relationships need to develop naturally. This means you should start out as friends before getting closer. Try not to hold on to an ulterior motive when talking to people: if you make friends with the sole intention of eventually going on a date, you will be disappointed. Instead, focusing on getting to know the other person as a friend.
  • Do not train amiibo. If you’re reading this post, it means you’re visiting the site, which means you’ve likely already failed this task. Training amiibo increases your likelihood of having poor hygiene, which is an easy way to prevent the acquisition of a new relationship.
  • Create your own original character. If you don’t have any ideas, try recoloring an official Nintendo character and giving it a cute name. This makes you more appealing to potential partners, and has an extra benefit if you’re trying to find one through online dating. Said benefit is that the potential partner will visualize you as your original character, who is likely to be more attractive than you are in real life.

If you follow all of these tips word-for-word, you will almost certainly find yourself in the midst of a marital ceremony within one to two weeks. If you have returned to this page because you are looking for wedding recommendations, we advise playing the CFA OST during the service. You can find more information on that (plus its pricing plan) here.

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