Decline of the Cloud’s Forum Adventures series

The decline of the Cloud’s Forum Adventures series refers to a variety of events that took place over a number of years. The series began to decline after the suspension of Season 6A in September 2015 and reached its apex in November 2019.


Several avid Cloud’s Forum Adventures fans argue that the series began to decline with the release of Season 4 in July 2014. Megar had just been accepted as a CFA writer and began exercising his newfound power by creating the villain Stringer. Stringer, who was then revealed to be an in-universe creation of Beanluv, was harshly criticized by fans; he was considered shallow and was described by many as a “pointless addition”. Furthermore, Beanluv’s betrayal of Cloud’s Observatory did not make sense to fans, as he showed no signs of it in previous seasons.

The series returned to form in Season 5, though the season was cut short due to lack of interest at the time. Cloud later explained the cliffhanger as a timeline split and created Season 6A, which ran for thirty episodes before its abrupt cancellation. From this point onward, each new season of Cloud’s Forum Adventures was cancelled before its completion. Season 6B, which was initially released on August 4, 2016, ran for nine episodes; Season 7 was introduced on June 23, 2019 and ran for seven episodes, and Season 8 was introduced on July 11 and only ran for six.

Though the interruption of each new season did play a hand in the decline of Cloud’s Forum Adventures, many other factors played more significant roles. The ironic suspension of the Megar Twitter account in November 2018 was considered heartbreaking to fans worldwide, while the series’ increasing self-awareness turned people off to it.

The biggest detriment to the series’ interest was Hat Lore. In August 2019, Cloud drafted a plan to kill off the Cloud’s Forum Adventures franchise once and for all: to canonize an obnoxious revelation about Cloud to try and ruin the series’ reputation. The plan was successful, and CFA fans worldwide lost interest, thus reaching the apex of the series’ decline.

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