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The Cloud’s Forum Adventures Official Soundtrack was a four-disc music album released on iTunes and SoundCloud in 2016. It contained 95 original tracks composed by Cloud and Firespike. Unfortunately, it was removed due to copyright infringement; as a result, all four albums are believed to be lost forever. A full list of tracks has since been found, and is included below.


In 2015, Cloud expressed interest in composing music for the first time. Given the moderate success of Cloud’s Forum Adventures at the time, he decided to create an album to celebrate over 100 episodes of the series. He recruited Firespike, a well-known composer within the community, and the two worked together for several months to compose and write lyrics for over 90 tracks. Many of them were remixes of each other or contained leitmotifs for certain characters, but in the end, 95 tracks were produced.

Although lyrics were written for nearly all of the tracks, only a few were actually released with vocals. These included “Moons & Dreams (Luna’s Theme) (Vocal Ver.)”, “Dreamy Powers, Activate! (Vocal Ver.)”, and “Dreamy Powers, Activate! (Vocal Ver.) (Japanese)”. Cloud contacted a friend from school to sing “Moons & Dreams (Luna’s Theme)” and “Dreamy Powers, Activate! (Vocal Ver.)”, and paid a freelance Japanese translation team to translate the song to Japanese and then perform it in the same language.

All four albums were uploaded to iTunes as paid downloads in early 2016. Unfortunately, it was taken down for copyright infringement soon after; Cloud lost the entirety of the album due to a hard drive failure and Firespike revealed that he had not saved any of the songs. As a result, all 95 tracks, most of their lyrics, and the album art have been lost forever, and the freelance team Cloud worked with has since stopped responding and blocked him on Twitter.

Disc 1 (Season 1)

  1. Moons & Dreams (Luna’s Theme)
  2. A Night on the Island
  3. Kidnapping at Cloud’s Observatory
  4. We Should Investigate This (MikeTheCat’s Theme)
  5. The Hands of Time (Dark Cloud’s Theme)
  6. Cloud on Crack (Theme of the Fissure)
  7. Pipe Dreams ~ The Oblivian Observatory Appears
  8. A Familiar Dark Aura (Dark MikeTheCat’s Theme)
  9. Two Balls Collide ~ Return from Oblivia
  10. Red Light (Dark Cloud Battle)
  11. Faster Than the Speed of a Human Running As Fast As Possible (Megar’s Theme) (Oblivion Island Ver.)

Disc 2 (Season 2)

  1. It’s Finally Time (Theme of ADventuresVDO)
  2. Breaking the Glass Ceiling
  3. The Lander Lifts Off
  4. Moons & Dreams (Luna’s Theme) (Vocal Ver.)
  5. A Message Through Static
  6. The Soul Shard Speaks
  7. Blasting Off Again
  8. Redblaze Blues
  9. I Look Like a Pokémon (Dark MikeTheCat Battle)
  10. Key to Aquachorde
  11. Keeby’s Hammer
  12. Softfreeze Soft Rock
  13. I Appear in One Episode (Theme of 1Line087)
  14. Battle Scars ~ Dark Cloud and Dark MikeTheCat
  15. Corruption (Zerospace’s Theme)
  16. Soul Star Burst
  17. I’d Prefer to Stay Dead ~ Cloud is Revived
  18. Cloud’s Giant Eyes (Ending Theme)

Disc 3 (Season 3)

  1. Cloud Disappears Through a Portal
  2. Rally Against Discord (Andro’s Theme)
  3. A Beacon of Hope (MikeTheCat is Alive)
  4. Raster’s Time Hole
  5. The Star Enters the Hole
  6. The Heroes Enter the Hole
  7. Abstract Chaos (Luna’s Dimension)
  8. Beanluv Has Wings
  9. Beanluv Dies in One Hit
  10. Walking into Darkness
  11. Lunar Goop Medley
  12. Dreamy Powers, Activate! (Theme of Dreamy Powers)
  13. Spectral Shadows
  14. Corrupt Kirbies (Theme of Possessed Spectra)
  15. Pulling the Strings
  16. Raster’s Miracle Fruit
  17. Cloud’s Incredible Sucking Powers
  18. Cloud Consumes Fire
  19. Cloud Gets Fat
  20. A Gem Turned Blue
  21. Let’s Finish This (Cloud vs. Spectra)
  22. Darn It, Luna
  23. Spectra on Crack
  24. The Heroes Have a Nice Chat
  25. Keep an Eye Out
  26. Dreamy Powers, Activate! (Vocal Ver.)
  27. Cloud’s Epic Dental Floss
  28. Suck On This, Spectra!
  29. Gah-GAAAH!
  30. Dreamy Powers, Activate! (Vocal Ver.) (Japanese)
  31. Megar’s New Haircut
  32. Oh My God, Yassss
  33. Your Hypernova Wears Off
  34. How Could You Let This Happen
  35. Moons & Dreams (Luna’s Theme) (Piano Ver.)
  36. That Story Lines Up
  37. Zero-Three
  38. You Poked My Eyeball
  39. You Poked My Eyeball (Reprise)
  40. It’s Actually Purgatory
  41. The Power of Love Prevails
  42. Victory at Last
  43. Megar is Drowning

Disc 4 (Season 4)

  1. The Stringent Hat
  2. Hot Wheels ~ ADventuresVDO Transforms
  3. Beanluv Was Booted
  4. What in Blazes
  5. A Body Made of Yarn
  6. Struck by the Yarn Bug
  7. Give Him the What-For
  8. Keeby’s Funny Face
  9. Moons & Dreams (Luna’s Theme) (Rave Ver.)
  10. Aack! Look out!
  11. Corruption (Zerospace’s Theme) (Piano Ver.)
  12. Use Cloud as a Whip
  13. Hot Buns
  14. Outta Here. Bye!
  15. The Blushies
  16. Pink Water
  17. Shut Up, Megar
  18. Two Forgettable Characters
  19. Let’s Get Going
  20. Cloud Gets Scissored
  21. We Lost Her
  22. SCREW THIS! (Theme of Beanluv)
  23. SCREW THIS! (Heavy Metal Ver.)
  24. Megar Thrusts Forth

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