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Spectra is a primary protagonist in Cloud’s Forum Adventures. She first appeared as an antagonist in “The Spectral Revelation”, but was actually under the influence of Dark Matter. Since Season 3, she has appeared as a tan character with a pink pointed gem.


Prior to her possession, Spectra was a longtime friend of Luna. She is shown to care deeply about others, and uses her Dream World powers to protect them at all costs. She is implied to have a crush on Cloud.


Spectra first appeared in “The Spectral Revelation” as an antagonist, where her motives were apparently to cleanse the world of corruption. She was soon defeated by Cloud’s Hypernova mode and was sealed in the alternate dimension Oblivia. After Luna revealed that she was under the influence of Dark Matter, the protagonists returned to Oblivia to free her of her possession. During battle, Spectra transformed into Dark Spectra, and entered the Dream World for their final showdown. She was freed from Dark Matter’s corruption after Cloud defeated Zero.

In Season 4, Spectra was captured by Stringer and transported to Patch Land. She aided in their journey to defeat the yarn magician and celebrated with Cloud after the defeat of Beanluv.

In Season 5, Cloud was possessed by the Miracle Crown. During this time, Spectra served as the leader of the group, and was eventually able to free Cloud of the crown’s influence. She was later forced to fuse with the Miracle Crown itself, and was possessed for the second time in the series.

In Season 6B, Spectra appeared in “Megar’s Cool House”. She was a target of the Nightmare Legion and had chosen to hide in Megar’s house. After a short fight, the two cleared up the misunderstanding and Megar took her back to Cloud’s Observatory. Spectra was later kidnapped by Switch and Andro, prompting Cloud and Megar to give chase.

Spectra reappeared in Season 8 where she teamed up with Cloud to defeat Thanos and prevent him from repairing the Infinity Gauntlet.

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