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Switch is a primary protagonist in Cloud’s Forum Adventures. He first appeared in “The Mysterious Disappearance” where he investigated Cloud’s mysterious disappearance from the Observatory. In Season 1, Switch appeared as a white-colored character with gray hair and cat ears (reflecting his former names FCN and MikeTheCat). In Season 5, his hair color was changed to light brown. In Season 6B, his hair was changed back to gray and his cat ears were removed. Switch’s design was then changed to include reddish-brown hair before finally reverting back to gray hair with an added vest.


Switch is one of the only characters in Cloud’s Forum Adventures that does not participate in battles. He appears to have a more calm and calculated personality than his fellow protagonists Cloud and Megar, and is apparently responsible for the creation of the alternate dimension Oblivia (and by extension, Dark Cloud and Dark Switch).


Switch made his debut in Season 1 and helped investigate Cloud’s whereabouts. He is only seen in “The Mysterious Disappearance” and is not seen for the rest of the season. Ironically, Switch’s dark counterpart appears in more episodes than Switch himself.

Switch takes on a more significant role in Season 2. With Cloud out of commission, he becomes the group leader by process of elimination. It was revealed that Switch used an unknown device to create the parallel dimension Oblivia, which in turn spawned Dark Cloud and Dark Switch.

Switch’s role returned to normal in Season 3. He appeared in the fight against Zero and supported Cloud from the sidelines before becoming temporarily corrupted by the dark mastermind’s influence.

In Season 4, Switch, along with the other protagonists, was captured by Stringer and warped to Patch Land. Although he assisted the group throughout their journey to defeat the yarn magician, Switch had almost no dialogue and did not actively participate in battles.

In Season 5, Switch revealed the Cat Cruiser, his personal ship that would help the protagonists in fights and navigation. When Nexus’s ship crash-landed on Earth, Switch used the Cat Cruiser to translate her unique speech patterns. He later tracked down the Miracle Crown’s castle.

In Season 6A, Switch presented Cloud with a letter he had received in the mail. That night, Cloud was whisked away to Imagina. Switch did not appear again until “Return to Reality”, where it was revealed that he had the same dream. From his own version of Imagina, Switch obtained the Celestial Stars.

Switch seemed to play the role of antagonist in Season 6B. Sporting an updated design, Switch teamed up with Andro to kidnap Spectra from Cloud’s Observatory. Cloud and Megar gave chase, unaware of the kidnappers’ identities.


Of all characters in CFA, Switch has gone through the most design changes. He started with cat ears and gray hair and shoes, shifted to cat ears and brown hair and shoes, then to gray hair and a vest, and finally to reddish-brown hair and a vest.

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