Cloud’s Forum Adventures Wiki: Turbo Shards

Cloud’s Forum Adventures: Turbo Shards was a video game based on Cloud’s Forum Adventures that was intended to be released on the Nintendo Switch system. Unfortunately, it was cancelled far along into development due to technical issues and legal troubles.


Development on Cloud’s Forum Adventures: Turbo Shards is said to have began sometime in 2017 shortly after the initial release of the Nintendo Switch. The game would have chronicled Cloud, Megar, and Spectra in their quest to gather the seven Turbo Shards scattered across the planet. It was intended to be a 2D side-scroller with an emphasis on mobility and puzzle-solving. Its soundtrack was lifted directly from Cloud’s Forum Adventures: A Star is Born which was also in development at the time.

In September 2018, Nintendo of America tweeted the initial announcement of Cloud’s Forum Adventures: Turbo Shards; however, it was quickly deleted following its cancellation. The whereabouts of the source code of Cloud’s Forum Adventures: Turbo Shards are currently unknown; as a result, it is doubtful that the full game will ever be released in any capacity.

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