For the first time ever, I am now available and open for commissions! It’s a fairly simple process: give me as much detail as possible on what you want drawn, include references (if you have any), and I’ll draw it for you. All transactions will be completed through PayPal.

Pricing / Options

If you’ve seen my art portfolio you might have a decent idea of the kinds of things I draw. For the most part, I’m fine with stepping outside of my comfort zone, but at this point in time I can’t draw anything too realistic. In other words, my style is a bit more “cartoony”; I can also try to mimic an art style if a reference is provided, but no promises!

In terms of pricing, it really depends on what you would like drawn and how long it will take me to complete it. For example, a drawing of a character by itself could be $15 – $20, but with a background and other things in the picture, it could be closer to $40 or $50. If you ask me to draw something and don’t like my offer, you don’t have to follow through!

And to those of you who are going to try and commission more episodes of Cloud’s Forum Adventures, you should read this page before going any farther. (Yes, I’ll do them, but hesitantly.)

Receiving Finished Commissions

Use the contact form below to send me an email! Include what you want drawn – whether it’s a character or logo or scene or something else – as well as a description of the pose and the background (if applicable), and the resolution (in case you want a desktop or phone background or something similar). Basically, include as much information as possible. If I have any questions, I’ll write you back.

If you ask for something I know for a fact I can do, you can send payment through PayPal first and then I’ll get to work. When it’s done, I’ll send back the finished product without a watermark. I may or may not post completed projects into my art portfolio; if for some reason you don’t want your request in there, let me know!

If you ask for something I’m not sure I can do, I’ll take a crack at it and send you an image with a watermark on it. If you like it, you can send payment over and I’ll provide you with a version without a watermark. If you don’t like it, it’s no big deal and maybe it would be best to commission it from another artist.

You can use this link to pay for commissions once we settle on a price! You can also include a note with payment. It’d make it easy if you put your username in there so I know who to thank!

Request a Commission

Here’s the contact form for requesting commissions. As stated before, you’ll need to include your name, email address, and as much information as possible on what you would like drawn. Remember that you can link to references, too. Once I look over the inquiry and decide I will do it, I’ll send the email address you provided a message and we can figure out pricing. Thanks for considering!


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