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Amiibo Dan was an influential YouTuber who helped develop and shape the amiibo metagame. He is credited with introducing the community to the concept of online tournaments via Amiibo Powersaves and helping the metagame retain a strong online presence. In 2017, Amiibo Dan deleted all of his amiibo-related content and became a Duel Links YouTuber.


Amiibo Dan was hosting online tournaments as early as August 2015. He is known to have hosted at least six completed tournaments and a single unfinished one. All of the competitions’ live stream archives were deleted from his YouTube channel and are considered to be lost forever. In late 2015, Amiibo Dan and the Amiibo Dojo became partners and began running videos and blog posts to support each other and expand the metagame.

On January 10th, 2016, Amiibo Dan hosted Amiibo World Tournament 3, a 42-man tournament. Its rules were 2-stock and six minutes; Explosive perfect shield was banned and matches were played on Midgar to celebrate the recent release of the Cloud  Fighter DLC. The grand finals of the tourney were between Cloud’s Ness and Amiibo Dan’s Ganondorf; the former won the game and took the championship title of the whole competition.

In the present day, all of Amiibo Dan’s amiibo-related YouTube videos have been deleted from his channel to help solidify his rebrand. They are thought to be permanently lost; however, it is possible that the stream archives may be recovered or reposted at some point in the future.

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