Community Wiki: Amiibo Doctor

The Amiibo Doctor website, created by the Amiibo Doctor duo while publishing under one name, was first published in May 2018. Due to a personal tragedy, Amiibo Doctor stayed largely under-the-radar until the introduction of ASMR tournaments and, coincidingly, the Amiibo Doctor YouTube channel.


The Amiibo Doctor was founded out of a need in the community for long-form documentation of concepts in the amiibo metagame. Initially, the website consisted mostly of instructions on “brain transplants” and technical amiibo information. As the blog progressed, it evolved into a Super Smash Bros. 4 metagame-based discussion, especially in the areas of vanilla versus customs, proper stage lists and the occasional piece of information on the impending Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The blog stayed mostly in this form until the release of Ultimate, at which point it became focused on launch of the Ultimate vanilla metagame. Amiibo Doctor prefers to utilize “observations” of the amiibo metagame by hosting the occasional ASMR tournament, as opposed to camping out in a chat server for most of the day. It is this unique approach that results in Amiibo Doctor having its own different take on the metagame as a whole.

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