Community Wiki: Amiibo Dojo

The Amiibo Dojo is the longest-running amiibo training site and a subsidiary of the Exion Vault. It was created by Cloud in late 2015 and has amassed well over two million views.  The Amiibo Dojo has appeared on SpliceStream, SmashBoards, and even the Best Buy Twitter account.


Cloud posted his first amiibo training guides to the Reddit amiibo community in early 2015.  Nothing was known about amiibo training at the time, and these guides were the first of their kind. Cloud eventually ported them to a test blog to gauge viewership; the test was a success and the Amiibo Dojo was made official.

Over the years, the Amiibo Dojo released Super Smash Bros. 4 training guides for over fifty fighters. It hosted several tournaments and won several more, quickly making a name for itself as a credible amiibo training source. In summer 2017, popular Smash Bros. YouTuber Alpharad gave the site a shout-out on one of his videos. This helped attract many newcomers to the amiibo metagame.

In summer 2019, the Amiibo Dojo was dissolved into the Exion Vault, which now covers a wide range of topics (but still specializes in amiibo content). Serving as a subsidiary of Exion Vault, the Amiibo Dojo continues to lead the community with guides, tournaments, and analysis posts.

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