Community Wiki: Amiibo Trainer

Amiibo Trainer was the earliest known amiibo training website and the home of the Amiibo Trainer Podcast. It was created by Glenn in early 2015. In late 2017, Amiibo Trainer’s domain expired; as a result, the site and its written content are believed to be lost forever.


Amiibo Trainer first surfaced in early 2015; its exact date of launch is unknown. Its claim to fame was the Amiibo Trainer Podcast, an audio series that answered viewer-submitted questions. Toward the end of the podcast’s lifetime, episodes moved away from answering questions and instead covered specific characters and bonus effects.

Although Amiibo Trainer itself was lost in late 2016 (with no official explanation provided), all 297 episodes of the Amiibo Trainer Podcast have been preserved on Stitcher and are available for download.

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