Community Wiki: AmiiBot

Amiibot is (hence its name) a bot on the Exion Discord server. It allows users to store, rename, send, and download amiibo files via a list of commands. These commands are account-specific, meaning users cannot download or view files they did not upload. A full list of commands is provided below. Underlined portions represent user-defined fields.


  • !store amiibo nicknameStores an uploaded file in the AmiiBot database. The commands listed below can only be used after an amiibo is stored in the database.
  • !list: Shows a list of files the user has stored in the database.
  • !rename old file namenew file nameRenames the specified file. If the name contains a space, replace it with an underscore symbol (_).
  • !delete file nameDeletes the specified file from the AmiiBot database.
  • !send host tag file nameSends the specified file to the user tagged via a direct message. This is one of several methods that can be used to submit amiibo to online tournaments.
  • !download file nameSends the user a direct message containing a download link to the specified file.

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