Andro (User)

Andro is a member of the community who first joined in 2011 during the Exion Forums’ Super Mario Bros. X iteration. Andro is credited with increasing Ack’s compatibility with Discord and is known for appearing in Season 3 of Cloud’s Forum Adventures as a primary protagonist.


Andro was one of the earliest members of the community. He was highly involved in the early administration of the Exion Forums, and even contributed to it with images and theme content for a time. Along with Megar, Andro was unknowingly involved in the High SMBX Council hacking and compromise of Cloud’s New Forum (one of the Exion Forums’ iterations). Andro later returned to the Exion Discord server and helped Switch retool Ack to allow it to become compatible with Discord.

Andro also runs his own Discord server called Escape, which formerly featured a Minecraft server that went through several iterations; both Survival and Creative mode worlds were made available to players. Escape is not an official branch of the community, but it is loosely associated with it.


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