Community Wiki: Blakers

Blakers (also known as Blapers) is a community moderator who first joined in April 2016 with the conclusion of one of Amiibo Dan’s tournaments. Throughout Super Smash Bros. 4, he was well-known as the primary amiibo trainer of Lucario and Rosalina & Luma, two characters whose representation was otherwise lacking. Blakers mains Rosalina & Luma and Incineroar in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


In addition to being a premier Lucario and Rosalina & Luma trainer, Blakers saw success with many other fighters, including Ness, Ganondorf, Bowser, and Luigi. He is the only trainer to win two tournaments in one day. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Blakers continues to represent both Lucario and Rosalina & Luma, and remains one of their only consistent trainers.

Tournament Wins: 11

AMIIBOMANIA 2 (Bowser, SSB4) – Weekly Amiibo Skirmish 6 (Lucario, SSB4) – Amiibrawl 3 (Charizard, SSB4) – Blakers’s Online Amiibo Tournament 4 (Lucina, SSB4) – Amiibrawl 8 (Lucario, SSB4) – Flash Fight 9 (Ness, SSB4) – Amiibrawl 18 (Rosalina & Luma, SSB4) – Super Smash Brawlers (Ganondorf, SSB4) – Flash Fight 13 (Luigi, SSB4) – King of Gaming (Cloud, SSB4) – Brother Entertainment Special Tournament (Donkey Kong, SSBU)

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