Community Wiki: Burr

Burr is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo trainer and member of the Exion Discord server who first joined in February 2019 after the release of the Ice Climbers, King K. Rool, and Piranha Plant amiibo figures. He is known for training the strongest Isabelle amiibo and winning with King K. Rool and Olimar.


Burr’s first tournament win was in Amiibo Doctor’s ASMR #3, where he picked up an important win with his King K. Rool amiibo. Since then, he has won numerous competitions with the character and is considered one of its best trainers. Burr now collaborates with Splice in a series of streamed tournaments.

Tournament Wins: 3

ASMR #3: Subvert (King K. Rool, SSBU) – P.A.L. Testing Tournament (King K. Rool, SSBU) – WVSA 4: Heavyweights (King K. Rool, SSBU)

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