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Cloud is the founder of Cloud’s Forum, the Amiibo Dojo, the Exion Vault, and its corresponding Discord server. He is considered a proficient Ness amiibo trainer in both Super Smash Bros. 4 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, having accrued a multitude of wins with the character. Cloud also created the internet sensation Cloud’s Forum Adventures in 2014.

Community History

The first-ever iteration of the Exion community was known as Cloud’s Forum, and it was created via the Forumotion service on February 24, 2011 at 7:17 PM EST. In its early days, the site was known as the Super Mario Bros. X Empire and revolved around a Super Mario fangame that allowed players to build and share levels online. Switch joined the forum soon after its creation, and worked with Cloud for several years to establish and run what would eventually become the largest Super Mario Bros. X forum.

In 2013, Cloud made the decision to merge the Super Mario Bros. X Empire with the New Super Mario Bros. X Forums — which were a competing site covering the same topic, but with a different userbase. Unfortunately, this ended up backfiring; the two communities were rather incompatible and most of the members from the Super Mario Bros. X Empire wound up leaving altogether. In response, Cloud created a new ProBoards forum and began drawing episodes of Cloud’s Forum Adventures in a mostly-futile attempt to bring back lost members. During this time, the site was known as Cloud’s New Forum — CNF for short.

Eventually, CNF was hacked and destroyed by a group of hackers known as the High SMBX Council. From this point forward, the community lost much of its former identity and switched between several names, but none of them seemed to stick. It was clear that a new beginning was in order, and it wasn’t until August 2015 that Cloud started a new community by creating the Amiibo Dojo. The blog was initially intended as a test; he had been posting the first-ever amiibo training guides on the amiibo subreddit and wanted a place to archive them for public view. The endeavor was a huge success, and the Amiibo Dojo quickly made a name for itself as the largest and most credible amiibo training resource available.

By early 2019, Cloud’s writings had been centralized around amiibo training for over three years. To broaden the horizons of the Amiibo Dojo’s content creation, he created yet another new site called Exion and used it to house unrelated writeups, reviews, and guides. These two sites were eventually merged, and the Amiibo Dojo name has since been dissolved into Exion.

Tournament Wins: 31

At the time of writing, Cloud has won 31 tournaments across both Super Smash Bros. 4 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, mostly using Super NES. A complete list of these wins – along with links to their respective brackets – can be found below.

Amiibo World Tournament 3Amiibo Skirmish 0Amiibo Skirmish IClash of Champions ILucas Round RobinAmiibrawl 4Amiibrawl 16Amiibrawl 25F.R.O.S.T. Doubles TourCloud Nine Flash Fight IICloud Nine Flash Fight IIIF.R.O.S.T. Championship – Pool DBowser Round RobinPisterd: Battle RoyaleDONkLE’s Testing TourKang’s Birthday BashCFA Crack TourMinor Circuit: 4Help Me TourClash of Chumps 4JWT Tour #23Amiibo Strike 3AA: Epitome of Laziness*Mogu’s Flash Tour #4Flash of the SlappersOof Time IIAmiibo Weekly #1Kang’s Birthday Bash 2King of the Pond 2Brute Force

To summarize, Cloud has won 18 tournaments with Ness, 2 tournaments each with Kirby, Mii Gunner, and Bowser, and 1 tournament each with King K. Rool, Little Mac, Lucas, Ganondorf, Pac-Man, Lucina, and Ridley*. Please note that the Ridley FP in question was edited, thus explaining the bracket’s asterisk.

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