Community Wiki: Cloud

Cloud is the founder of Cloud’s Forum, the Amiibo Dojo, the Exion Vault, and its Discord server. He is considered the best Ness amiibo trainer in Super Smash Bros. 4 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, having accrued a multitude of wins with the character. Cloud also created the internet sensation Cloud’s Forum Adventures in 2014.


The first iteration of the Exion community was known as Cloud’s Forum. It was created using Forumotion on February 24, 2011 when Cloud was twelve years old. At this point, the site was known as the Super Mario Bros. X Empire and revolved around a Super Mario fangame that allowed players to build and share levels online. Switch joined the forum soon after its creation, and worked with Cloud to establish and run what would eventually become the largest Super Mario Bros. X forum.

In 2013, Cloud made the decision to merge the Super Mario Bros. X Empire with the New Super Mario Bros. X forums (a competing site with a different user base). Unfortunately, this ended up backfiring, as many members from the Super Mario Bros. X Empire quit the community as a result. In response, Cloud created a new ProBoards forum and began drawing episodes of Cloud’s Forum Adventures to win back lost members.

In summer 2014, a hacking group known as the High SMBX Council was able to steal a moderator’s password via a phishing scam; they then used the compromised account to delete all of the board’s content. Its post, topics, and users were lost forever; as a result, Cloud deleted what was left of the site.

In late 2015, Cloud started a new community by creating the Amiibo Dojo. The blog was initially intended as a test; Cloud had posted amiibo training guides on the Reddit amiibo community and wanted to try archiving them on a website. The endeavor was a huge success, as the Amiibo Dojo quickly made a name for itself as the largest and most credible amiibo training resource available.

In early 2019, Cloud created the Exion Vault to house unrelated writeups, reviews, and guides. The Amiibo Dojo eventually merged into the Exion Vault in June 2019; in the present day, the site covers a wide span of topics but specializes in its exclusive amiibo training content.

Tournament Wins (31)

In Super Smash Bros. 4, Cloud won Amiibo World Tournament 3 with Ness, Amiibo Skirmish 0 with Ganondorf, Amiibo Skirmish I with Little Mac, Clash of Champions I with Ness, Lucas Round Robin with Lucas, Amiibrawl 4 with Ness, Amiibrawl 16 with Pac-Man, Amiibrawl 25 with Ness, F.R.O.S.T. Doubles Tour with Kirby, Cloud Nine Flash Fight II with Ness, Cloud Nine Flash Fight III with Bowser, F.R.O.S.T. Championship – Pool D with Lucina, Bowser Round Robin with Bowser, and Pisterd: Battle Royale with Kirby.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Cloud won DONkLE’s Testing Tournament with Mii Gunner, Kang’s Birthday Bash with Mii Gunner, Actually, what’s with that crack over there? with King K. Rool, Minor Circuit: 4 with Ness, Help Me Tournament with Ness, Clash of Chumps 4 with Ness, JWT Tournament #23 with Ness and King K. Rool, Amiibo Strike 3 with Ness, JMSF #6 with Ness and Ice Climbers, Amiibo Action: Epitome of Laziness with Ridley*, Mogu’s Flash Tournament #4 with Ness, Flash of the Slappers with Ness, Oof Time II with Ness, Amiibo Weekly #1 with Ness, Kang’s Birthday Bash 2 with Ness, King of the Pond 2 with Ness, and Brute Force with Ness.

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