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Cloud’s Forum was the first iteration of the Exion community. It was created via Forumotion on February 24, 2011 at 7:17 PM EST. Cloud’s Forum was closed in summer 2014, though it eventually grew and evolved into the highly successful Amiibo Dojo.


After a disagreement with the administrator of a large forum, Cloud created Cloud’s Forum under the name of the Super Mario Bros. X Empire. It originally centered around Super Mario Bros. X, Super Mario fangame that allowed players to build and share their own levels. The site flourished under this concept, and users posted hundreds of graphics and stages over the course of nearly three years.

In 2013, Cloud merged the Super Mario Bros. X Empire with the competing New Super Mario Bros. X forums to form a new site called SMBX Revived. This was widely regarded as a poor decision, as most Super Mario Bros. X Empire users were lost in the process. As a result of this failure, Cloud split from the Super Mario Bros. X and created a new forum on ProBoards.

Winning back lost members proved difficult. Cloud wrote and drew the now-infamous comic Cloud’s Forum Adventures to attract more members, but this endeavor proved fruitless and the series was swept under the rug until its revival years later.

In summer 2014, the site was targeted by the High SMBX Council, a hacking group dedicated to infiltrating and deleting Super Mario Bros. X forums. A moderator’s password was stolen via a phishing scam and the account was used to wipe the board’s content. The hacking essentially brought Cloud’s Forum to a permanent halt, as the site never regained its activity or lost members.

In late 2015, the Amiibo Dojo was created to essentially replace Cloud’s Forum as Cloud’s active community. In present day, only a few members from Cloud’s Forum are active on the site; these include Andro, Firespike, Keebs, Megar, and Switch.

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