Contribution Criteria

Exion’s Contribution Criteria has been rather strict since the site’s inclusion of amiibo training guides in 2015. The staff cannot overstate the importance of a consistent “voice” between posts (though this differs between blog posts and wiki pages). Viewers may find a noticeably different writing tone jarring; using consistent language and descriptions, then, contributes to a more cohesive reading experience for the average viewer.

General Information

If you would like to contribute information, there is an easy option you can take instead of writing an entire post yourself. Jot down any information you’d like to include in your post in bullet form and send it to Cloud (preferably on Discord); if the criteria checks pass, he will expand the bullet points into essay form and prominently credit you in the post. The bullet points in question may be sent via a message, Google document, or Word document.

If this option is taken, you will be credited twice; once in a standalone italics paragraph at the very beginning of the post, and once again at the end of the post. If you are contributing information, feel free to include a Twitter account, YouTube channel, or website to advertise in these sections. You may not advertise NSFW content, but most other categories are permitted.

Writing Tips

Exion’s posts generally consist of long-form essays that are split into different sections. Do not worry about getting the format correct, as Cloud will look it over and fix any formatting errors before publishing. That being said, try to split your post into medium-sized sections. They cannot be too small, either, as certain posts may call for images in between sections.

Once again, if you do not want to write a full post, you may submit a list of bullet points to Cloud for a long-form extension. You will be credited just the same regardless of the option you select. If you would like to pursue writing an entire post of your own, there are some suggestions and guidelines you may want to follow. These tips do not just apply to Exion, but to all writings in general.

  1. Avoid using vague or meaningless words. Referring to objects as “stuff” or “things” does appear unprofessional and does little to describe them. “Something” is okay because that thing is usually clarified in the preceding or following sentence. Do not use “very” to describe something; for example, “this character’s moveset is very good”. Vague and meaningless language extends far beyond the words given, however, so keep that in mind.
  2. Avoid repetition. Avoid using the same terms over and over again. Avoid using a word such that the reader notices your overuse of it. This might be difficult to catch at first (some writers have certain words at the forefront of their brains), but is certainly something that can be improved upon with practice.
  3. Write an outline first. Jot down key notes you want to cover in your post, and then expand on them to include additional infomation and alternative explanations (if necessary).
  4. The apostrophe s rule. Here’s an example: Thomas’ versus Thomas’s. On Exion, we use the latter; it appears there is no widely-recognized verdict on which of the two is correct. Our text correction software can more easily correct Thomas’s to Thomas’ than vice versa if the former is determined to be correct.
  5. Do not worry about traditional essay formatting. You don’t need to provide your name, the date of writing, or the course title. Luckily, this isn’t school, so you don’t even need to indent your paragraphs! As long as your post is visually appealing and easy to understand, you are good to go. We are willing to help you with this if necessary.

Screenshots & Images

Cloud usually handles screenshots and images for Exion posts. Most site content refers to Nintendo Switch games; these screenshots are captured via the Capture button on original hardware before being uploaded directly from the SD card at full resolution. It is important that these screenshots be as high-resolution as possible; a low-resolution screenshot is not appealing to viewers and may make them less likely to read posts.

Game screenshots generally require a small amount of empty space. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate screenshots, for example, should be zoomed in showing characters in action poses. In said screenshot, there should be plenty for the viewer to look at, but not so much that it becomes overwhelming. Characters should be facing the camera; it is also acceptable if their face is visible to the camera. This rule applies not only to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons as well.  3D platformers do not necessarily follow this rule (as the in-game perspective usually takes place behind the player’s head).

If you are including photographs that include real-life objects, we recommend a well-lit area. No hands, arms, or other body parts of living beings should be shown in the image in any fashion. Try to use a high-resolution camera that will not result in a grainy image. It is likely that most site content will never need to include real-life pictures, however.

The Flow of Writing

There is an incredibly important element of an Exion post: flow. Flow refers to a few key components: varied language, a logical connection between ideas, and the length of each sentence. As mentioned before, avoid using the same (or similar) words multiple times in a sentence. Outline your important points in a logical order. In terms of sentence length, try to be a bit varied. Don’t talk for too long; if you do, separate your thoughts with a semicolon. Most new writers do not properly use the semicolon.

Flow is not easily explained in full; it is easier to look at a post and determine if its flow is natural or artificial. Once again, if you would prefer, jot down your ideas in bullet point form, send the document to Cloud, and the information will be fleshed out into essay form.

If you do choose to write your own posts, they may be slightly reworded to more comfortably fit in with Exion’s existing content. If you contribute more than two or three posts, you may find that less and less of your work is updated as you grow accustomed to our (admittedly high) content standards.

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