Community Wiki: Cucco-Master

Cucco-Master is a member of the community who first joined the Exion Discord server in January 2019. She mains Zelda, Lucina, and Palutena in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and provides representation for their amiibo counterparts in online tournaments.


Shortly after joining, Cucco-Master began representing the Zelda, Lucina, and Palutena amiibo and helped bolster their standings in the metagame. Since her arrival, Cucco-Master has picked up notable tournament wins with the aforementioned Lucina and Palutena as well as with Piranha Plant. A full list of these wins is included below; brackets are provided where possible.

Tournament Wins: 12

The Playhouse Bowl II (Palutena, SSBU) – April 2019 amiivo Qualifiers – Spirits (Piranha Plant, SSBU) – Amiibrawl 41 (Lucina, SSBU) – Flash Doubles (Ike & Palutena, SSBU) – Flash Fight Episode 3 (Chrom, SSBU) – Amiibo Action: The Other One (Chrom, SSBU) – Thundorian Champions 4th of July Edition (Ice Climbers, SSBU) – Amiibo Doctor Flash Fight (Young Link, SSBU) – ima flash yall 2 (Ice Climbers, SSBU) – Burr’s Spirits Experiment (Piranha Plant, SSBU) – JWT #25 (Various, SSBU) – C Tier Chaos (Chrom, SSBU)

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