Community Wiki: Exigone.txt

Exigone.txt is the file name of a leaked document written by Amiibo Doctor, the small-scale YouTuber who covers amiibo training content in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The file itself contains a long and detailed plan on how to steal content and activity from Exion. Exigone.txt was likely sent to Amiibo Doctor contributors in 2020; however, it was later leaked to Exion staff in 2021. The full, unedited document can be found here.


The beginning of the document talks about Amiibo Doctor’s plan to “knock out [Exion]’s credibility and name recognition quickly”, followed by its search results. This was to be accomplished by gathering training guide information from credible trainers with tournament wins, and then creating both text and video versions of each character’s guide in an attempt to reduce Exion’s visibility in internet searches. It should be noted that Amiibo Doctor himself has less than 5 wins between Super Smash Bros. 4 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, while Exion staff has well over 50. The next part of the document talks about Amiibo Doctor’s plans to siphon activity from all active amiibo servers, with the end goal of “creating an Amiibo Doctor community Discord server that acts as a go-between for all the other servers.”

The most problematic aspect of the document begins when Amiibo Doctor starts talking about other servers. He writes that Amiibo Doctor members are going to “quietly encourage members of USAC to leave Exion and host tournaments exclusively in Amiibo Doctor.” Indeed, Amiibo Doctor himself is known to have sent direct messages to members in which he has encouraged them to leave. This goes against the Exion Discord server’s rules and has thus warranted a permanent ban on Amiibo Doctor himself as well as any messages containing links to his content. Readers are encouraged to continue to support his content; however, if they so choose.

Afterward, Amiibo Doctor begins talking about other amiibo servers and how useful they would be to his plan. He mentions that “USAC is not a viable option for the central hub of the scene”, which implies that he at some point intends to siphon activity from its community as well. He adds “over this time I’ll need to stay in Exion – it’ll be easier to make the transition if I never appear to have ulterior motives and it’s just a friendly server to make it easier to connect with other servers”. Notably, he also includes this quip: “if Amiibots, Splice, or whoever else succeeds, we all do. Unless it’s Exion.” It is important to note that Exion helped promote Amiibo Doctor content during the first several months of its inception; support for the site was eventually cut off after the owner continued making unreasonable demands and threats.

At the end of the document, Amiibo Doctor finishes the plan by stating that he “[is] not sure what to do with USAC after the fact. [He] doesn’t mind having it as one of the branches of the amiibo scene, [and thinks] that would be a good Powersaves server.” At around the time that Exigone.txt was written, Amiibo Doctor was caught on record threatening physical violence against Exion staff. Exion considers these behaviors to be absolutely unacceptable; fortunately, Amiibo Doctor has made it rather easy for viewers to determine which “side” to support.

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