Exion Discord Server

The Exion Discord Server (originally known as the Cloud Nine Discord Server) is the community’s primary gathering place and the functional replacement of the Exion Forums. It was created on June 13, 2017 and has been up and running ever since. In February 2019, its name was changed from Cloud Nine to Exion.

Starter Channels

#rules is the first channel new users will see. It explains the rules of the server (most of which are self-explanatory) and provides a brief outline of the server’s many channels. Users are not permitted to post messages or add reactions.

#news is, hence its name, a news feed that links to new posts on the Exion Vault. Polls, tweets, and content from the Amiibo Dojo are occasionally posted as well. Users are not permitted to post messages in this channel, but are allowed to add reactions to messages.

#general is considered the “main” channel. Server members are alerted when a new user joins, which allows them to welcome newcomers. Outside of greetings, however, #general tends to be rather inactive compared to some of the server’s more popular channels.

#oc is the server’s artwork archive. Users may post their original content here; this includes drawings, digital art, music, and the like.

#amiibo is essentially the home of the amiibo training community, and is one of the server’s most active channels. Discussion on amiibo training is held here, and newcomers (or veterans) can ask questions and get fast answers. Also home to the amiibo nickname archive.

#keebert is the home of Keebert, a Kirby amiibo who is shared between community members. His backup file is spread from trainer to trainer, and each person employs different techniques in the hopes that he will one day win a tournament. This, however, has not yet happened.

#tournaments is an exclusive channel where new amiibo tournament listings are posted. Members can read these listings and decide whether or not they would like to enter. Some competitions even have prizes to offer. Only users with the Tournament Host role may post here.

#fireemblem promotes discussion on the Fire Emblem series of games. About ninety percent of the server members have #fireemblem muted, so if you are going to join for the first time, muting this channel is highly recommended.

#fote is a channel that helps facilitate online matches of Super Smash Bros. 4 or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Its name is derived from the term fote.

#kirbymon promotes discussion on the Kirby and Pokémon series of games. Kirby and Pokémon are not discussed often enough to have their own separate channels, so the two were consolidated into a single area.

#smashbros is the place for general Super Smash Bros. series discussion. It is similar to #fote in subject matter, but #smashbros relates more to news updates and mechanics whereas #fote is intended to be used while playing the game online.

Verified / Specific Members Only

#realtalk is a channel that can only be accessed by Verified users. To become verified, all you have to do is ask. The channel promotes serious discussion (although politics are disallowed) and can be seen as a place to “vent”. Joking is not permitted in this channel; all discussions must be kept serious.

#noah is an exclusive channel available to a select few. Its full name is the Noah Containment Unit. Members are added and removed from this channel at random by its respective moderator.

#dailyimage is an image archive updated daily with a new image. It is managed by DONkLE and updates are generally posted past midnight (Eastern Standard Time).

#memelab is a joke / meme channel that is only accessible to members with a specific role. Asking a moderator will grant access to the channel. Among its notable features is a bot that can edit images via commands.

#observatory is an elite channel available to fans of Cloud’s Forum Adventures. This is the server’s most active channel, and is only open to those who get an 85% or more on an 100-question lore quiz. As a result, the channel is fairly small; the majority of test-takers fail the exam. Many of the server’s inside jokes were born in #observatory.


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