Community Wiki: Exion Vault

Exion Vault is the sixth “iteration” of Cloud’s Forum and its community, and is the current home of the majority of its content. Though it was originally created by Cloud in 2018, it was out-prioritized by the Amiibo Dojo for several months before receiving original content in February 2019. It was later merged into a new Amiibo Dojo in June 2019 before eventually being reinstated.


Exion Vault was originally created solely to house Cloud’s side project, Project Exion, but later became home to Cloud’s Forum Adventures and The Quest of the Admins. From this point on, Cloud began using Exion Vault as a personal blog of sorts, posting content such as art, reviews, and guides on a regular basis. In May 2019, Cloud ported the entirety of the original Amiibo Dojo’s posts to Exion Vault; these included its Super Smash Bros. 4 amiibo training guides.

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