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The Exion Vault (2018-present) (also referred to as Exion) is the sixth iteration of Cloud’s Forum and the largest amiibo training community on the internet. It was originally created in January 2018 as an entity separate from the Amiibo Dojo, but the two sites were eventually merged in June 2019.


Exion Vault was originally created to house Cloud’s side project, Project Exion, but later became home to Cloud’s Forum Adventures and The Quest of the Admins. Afterward, Cloud began using Exion Vault as a personal blog of sorts, posting content such as art, reviews, and guides on a regular basis. In May 2019, Cloud ported the entirety of the original Amiibo Dojo’s posts to Exion Vault; these included its Super Smash Bros. 4 amiibo training guides.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s 3.1.0 update, amiibo support was added to Battle Arenas, allowing Figure Players to be used online for the first time ever. This patch led to a renewed interest in amiibo training which, in turn, caused Exion Vault to become even more popular. It continues creating high-quality articles, guides, and reviews to this day.


  • The name Exion was created in reference to an entity in Project Exion. It is a corruption of the word “connection”, where “ection” becomes “exion”.
    • This entity takes the form of the community’s pocketwatch-shaped logo, which itself first appeared in one of Cloud’s senior year art projects.
  • The term Exion Vault refers to the site itself, while Exion refers to the community as a whole. This is why the Exion Discord server is not called the Exion Vault Discord server.
  • Exion’s logo has been through several iterations. It started off with a lock icon in its center, though this was later changed to a planet and observatory.

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