Community Wiki: Firespike

Firespike is a member of the community who first appeared in 2013 under the name Jack33. He is a sprite artist, a chiptune composer, and a former member of the Cloud’s Forum Adventures quality control team.


After joining in 2013, Firespike established himself as a fan of Cloud’s Forum Adventures. He joined the quality control team to help regulate the art and writing of newly-released episodes and even appeared as a minor character toward the middle of Season 4.

In late 2015, Firespike worked together with Cloud to create the Cloud’s Forum Adventures Official Soundtrack. Cloud helped write lyrics and compose music, while Firespike composed other tracks and compiled all of them with a special program. The two even hired a singer for vocal versions of “Moons & Dreams (Luna’s Theme)” and “Dreamy Powers, Activate!”.

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