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Glenn was an influential figure in the Super Smash Bros. 4 amiibo metagame. He ran the site Amiibo Trainer and helped shape amiibo training itself by promoting a defensive metagame for all characters. He also helped solidify Smash 4’s amiibo tier list by winning with Bowser, Ganondorf, and Little Mac.


Glenn first created Amiibo Trainer in mid-to-late 2015 where he posted an episode of the Amiibo Trainer Podcast every day. Viewers were to submit questions via an online form; these questions were then answered in a dedicated podcast episode soon afterward. The answers were provided under the assumption that Critical-hit capability and Explosive perfect shield were never banned. As a result, the podcasts themselves did not align with the jab-heavy metagame Smash 4 adopted in response to these bans.

To help build the community even further, Glenn attended and even hosted real-life amiibo tournaments in public venues. He is known to have won at least six tournaments; two with Bowser, two with Ganondorf, one with Little Mac, one with Pikachu, and one with Kirby. The latter two are especially impressive considering they were mid- to low-tier characters in Smash 4.

In a similar vein as Amiibo Dan, Glenn deleted Amiibo Trainer and discontinued the Amiibo Trainer Podcast in late 2016. Despite the loss of the Amiibo Trainer site, the Amiibo Trainer Podcast is well-documented; the entirety of its 297 episodes can be viewed or downloaded from Stitcher.

Tournament Wins: 7

Unknown real-life tournament (Bowser, SSB4) – Unknown real-life tournament (Bowser, SSB4) – Unknown real-life tournament (Ganondorf, SSB4) – Unknown real-life tournament (Ganondorf, SSB4) – Unknown real-life tournament (Kirby) – Unknown real-life tournament (Pikachu, SSB4) – Unknown real-life tournament (Little Mac, SSB4)

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