Inside Jokes / Memes

Over the years, several inside jokes and memes have been spawned. These jokes are contained within the community itself and are mostly based on specific images. Many of these relate to Cloud’s Forum Adventures, which is a common topic on the Discord server that has gained a cult following.


Megarbirth is by far the most notorious image in the community. It is a not-safe-for-work image of Megar from Cloud’s Forum Adventures that was first posted in May 2017. It is only ever posted in #observatory and is adamantly kept out of every other channel. The image is considered non-canon.


Doibs is a nickname for Cloud from Cloud’s Forum Adventures. It is actually a typo of the word “forums” that later stuck as the character’s nickname. There is a female version of Doibs circulating the Discord server known as “Doibette”. This image is considered mildly not-safe-for-work.

Keebs Face

The Keebs Face is one of the server’s longest running inside jokes. It comes from the fourth season of Cloud’s Forum Adventures – specifically, episode six, “Back for Seconds” – in which the character Keebs reacts to an antagonist breaking in. The face he made has been used as a reaction image of sorts since 2014.

Inverted Fist

The Inverted Fist is another Cloud’s Forum Adventures joke. In the sixth season’s fifth episode, “Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream“, Cloud is shown forming a human fist over his right arm. However, the fist appears as though it were a human’s left hand. As a result of this episode, fingers in Cloud’s Forum Adventures are often purposefully drawn as if they were on the opposite hand.

Reform Me

Reform Me lacks an official name, but refers to a scene in Season 3 of Cloud’s Forum Adventures where Cloud is cut in half by Spectra’s axe. Despite being split in two, Cloud is able to talk, and commands Luna to use dreamy powers to reform him into one piece. This scene has become iconic among fans.

Mentally Trying

Mentally Trying is a somewhat recent joke that takes the form of a copypasta or an image. It stems from a Twitter rant that unironically mentions “going through mentally trying times”. An image of a McDonald’s food bag taken from Season 6 of Cloud’s Forum Adventures was associated with it soon after. McDonald’s is now seen as a symbol of mentally trying times.

Fish Figs

Fish Figs is a corruption of “Flash Fight”, which references an amiibo tournament held with a short deadline. It was coined by Cloud, whose predictive text mistook “flash fight” as “fish figs”.


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