Community Wiki: Jester

Jester is a member of the community who originally joined in January 2019 just after the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Despite being a fairly new trainer, he was able to attain solid results with Wii Fit Trainer and Ice Climbers, two otherwise-uncommon fighters that usually place dead last.


Although Jester has not yet won any tournaments, he has represented uncommon characters; most notably, the aforementioned Wii Fit Trainer and Ice Climbers. Humorously, Jester’s Ice Climbers are known for freezing in matches against Cloud’s Ice Climbers (Tic & Tac) as seen here. This issue is not known to occur with any other combination of Ice Climbers amiibo; only Cloud and Jester’s Ice Climbers will freeze and only if they are fighting each other.

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