Community Wiki: Keebs

Keebs (also known as Keeby or Herobrine8219) is a member of Cloud’s Forum and the Exion Discord server who first joined in 2011. He has stayed with the community for longer than most and is known for being a huge fan of Cloud’s Forum Adventures.


Keebs first joined the forums in 2011 under the name Herobrine8219. He quickly became a fan of Cloud’s Forum Adventures and appeared as a minor character in Season 1, Season 2, Season 4, and Season 5. Keebs has a gigantic collection of Cloud’s Forum Adventures media and saves all newly released art and episodes to an archive. Keebs was the first Cloud’s Forum Adventures fan to create a fan-made episode. His saga, “Overgrown”, showed Cloud being eaten by a giant venus fly trap monster. Whether this was the first episode of a legitimate series or if it was a jab at Cloud himself is unknown.

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