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Leaf is a member of the community who first joined the Exion Discord server in late 2018. They quickly established themself as one of the greatest amiibo trainers in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, winning over fifteen tournaments in just three months. As a result of the credibility these victories brought, Leaf was promoted to co-administrator of the Amiibo Dojo and is one of its current maintainers. They main Young Link in the Super Smash Bros. games.



Leaf joined the community just prior to the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Although they were a new member, they quickly asserted dominance over the Ultimate amiibo metagame by winning numerous tournaments with their Link amiibo, Qué Ota. After proving their credibility, Leaf became a head contributor to Exion Vault alongside Cloud, and retains that position to this day.
They have contributed to or written training guides for Young Link, Lucas, Link, Olimar, Little Mac, Zelda, and many more.

Leaf holds the record for most 2nd places in amiibo tournaments, currently sitting at 38 silver medals.

A full archive of Leaf’s tournament wins can be found below. Brackets are provided where possible.

Tournament Wins: 36


Vanilla Surprise 01/01/2019 (Link, SSBU) – Vanilla Surprise 01/03/2019 (Link, SSBU) – Pop Tour 3 (Lucas, SSBU) – Amiibrawl 27 (Olimar, SSBU) – Fish Figs 01/21/2019 (Lucas, SSBU) – Shine Sprite amiibo Tournament (Link, SSBU) – Eliot’s Spirit Tournament (Link, SSBU) – Amiibrawl 28 (Link, SSBU) – Kang’s Flash amiibo Tourney (Little Mac, SSBU) – Clash of Chumps 3 Spirits (Lucas, SSBU) – Amiibrawl 30 (Link, SSBU) – WSVA: Lightweights (Young Link, SSBU) – Amiibrawl 31 (Lucas, SSBU) – Kang’s Birthday Bash Vanilla (Link, SSBU) – WSVA: Middleweights (Pit, SSBU) – Champions of Solaris 3 (Olimar, SSBU) – Splice Bowl 1 (Lucas & Jigglypuff, SSBU) – Amiibo Cheese 2 (Little Mac, SSBU) – Fishier Figgeth (Mii Swordfighter, SSBU) – Amiibo Action: FoH (Zelda, SSBU) – Amiibo Anarchy (Lucas, SSBU) – Amiibrawl 43 (Zelda, SSBU) – Low Tier Round-Up (Lucario, SSBU) – Not Amiibrawl 4 (Olimar, SSBU) – Minor Circuit: 2 (Lucina, SSBU) – Minor Circuit: 4 (Bowser, SSBU) – Major Circuit: 1 (Shulk, SSBU) – Pit Fight 4 (Mii Swordfighter, SSBU) – Pit Fight 5 (Kirby, SSBU) – Green Shell Cup (Mii Gunner, SSBU) – Peng Tour 6.5 (Ness, SSBU) – Chocolate (Incineroar, SSBU) – Penne’s Pasta Flash 11 (Wolf, SSBU) – Tadpole Tussle 2 (King Dedede, SSBU) – Return of the Queen (Ridley, SSBU) – Limit Burst – Series One (Ness, SSBU)

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