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Lunagrade is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo trainer who first joined in 2015 (during the Amiibo Dojo era), which classifies her as a community veteran. She is a proficient trainer of Snake, the Ice Climbers, and Ganondorf, among many other fighters, and has contributed competitive training strategies to Exion’s character guides.

Community History

Though Lunagrade joined the Super Smash Bros. 4 metagame (which ran from late 2015 to late 2018), she did not officially compete in any recorded tournaments. When Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was released, she took competitive training very seriously and won many tourneys over the next several years. Statistically speaking, Lunagrade has the most successful vanilla Snake and Ice Climbers FP, and is at least partially responsible for their higher positions on the tier list.

Tournament Wins: 62


At the time of writing, Lunagrade has won 62 tournaments in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with a wide variety of fighters. A complete list of these wins – along with links to their respective brackets – can be found below.

Vanilla SurpriseI’m Bored FFLWI #1Pit Fight 3STOPS1 DLC Hype TourSmall Test TimeBack on the RocksEverybody Dies 6Everybody Dies 7Everybody Dies CS S1Tadpole Tussle VIIThe Battle Bin: ArenaSUAL VE #29fightLM123’s amiibo Flash Party!SUAL VE #38 Fang’s FF 7Hot n Readys #2Amiibo Nosh IXFreedom Amiibo TourChunin ExamsShoe’s Arena RockSuperstar SagaFPC #6Cousin John’s CookoutForest PuppiesaRBO TestLightweight Gang Weekly #8AFC CrossoverOur HouseOkOkOk’s Okey Flash 22 Minute Flash #1Who Wants a Baby Star? B+I Told the Witch Dr.Flash Flood Frenzy #1PG|Daisy TourLate Night MINCERAFTSPEEEEDmono wont stop bugging meRNG RNG RNGTwo Minute Flash #5I am not informer tourI dont have informer celabration tour 3Pixel gun 3DSheik is sadLuck TourMajor Flash v3Return of PowersavePalutena TourOkOkOk’s Okey Flash 3Zoom is boomFellowship of the BanishedMore B and BelowGamer9 Qualifier 1Banjo and Byleth TourFinished Exams Tourteaching lolMurbert’s Amiibo Series Season 3-1Jackson’s Nostalgic Clash: Rebirth #2OB3AM 8

To summarize, Lunagrade has won 8 tournaments with Snake, 7 tournaments with the Ice Climbers, 5 tournaments with Ganondorf, 4 tournaments each with Daisy and King K. Rool, 3 tournaments each with Incineroar and Terry, 2 tournaments each with Byleth, Chrom, Dark Samus, Link, Lucas, Robin, and Zelda, and 1 tournament each with Captain Falcon, Cloud, Corrin, Ike, Isabelle, King Dedede, Kirby, Luigi, Mario, Pac-Man, Piranha Plant, Ridley, Sonic, and Wolf.

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