Community Wiki: Noah

Noah (also known as poopman67) is Cloud’s cousin and a beloved member of the community who first joined in early 2018. He is the current leader of the Noah Containment Unit and an avid player of Fortnite, Minecraft, and Super Smash Bros. He is ten years old as of January 2019.


Noah made his first appearance during the peak of the Smash 4 amiibo metagame, where he entered his Level 26 Mario amiibo (nicknamed poopman67) into a large tournament and was established as the youngest amiibo trainer in the community. Due to his age, he was known to have trained this Mario amiibo rather poorly when compared to top trainers such as FarmingSim and Supernova; despite this, poopman67 was able to win several tournament sets. Even though it was only Level 26, it was able to defeat a Level 50 Greninja by using its side special to gimp its recovery.

As a result of Noah’s unexpected victories, the community came to respect his boldness for entering an untrained amiibo into a professional tournament environment. A year later, Noah joined the Exion Discord server; however, due to his age, he did not want to be exposed to swear words and inappropriate content. As a result, the Noah Containment Unit was created. This channel bans the use of curse words and unsuitable posts and images.

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