Community Wiki: SFPT

SFPT is a member of the community who first joined the Exion Discord server in 2017. While she lacks a signature amiibo, she was considered to have the best Samus amiibo in Super Smash Bros. 4 and among the best Lucina and Link amiibo.


SFPT joined after YouTuber Alpharad gave a shout-out to the amiibo training community in one of his videos. From there, she quickly became accustomed to the amiibo metagame and began racking up tournament wins with a multitude of different characters. As mentioned before, she had the best Samus amiibo in the Smash 4 metagame and perhaps even the best-trained low-tier character. SFPT is not currently active in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate metagame.

Tournament Wins: 12

Monster-Sized Matches Quad Duos (Ness & Samus, SSB4) – F.R.O.S.T. 2 (Link, SSB4) – Smash Ball Series 1 (Link, SSB4) – New AASC #1 (Link, SSB4) – F.R.O.S.T. Special: Flash Fight #6 (Lucina, SSB4) – F.R.O.S.T. Championship Testing Tour (Lucina, SSB4) – Hylian Honors #2 (Cloud, SSB4) – Fulminix’s Weeklong Wars Day 2 (Ryu, SSB4) – Blue’s Touch (Donkey Kong, SSB4) – S.A.T. S Tier Qualification Pool (Link, SSB4) – S.A.T. D Tier Qualification Pool (Samus, SSB4) – Amiibo Summer Smash (Ganondorf, SSB4)

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