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Supernova is a member of the community who first joined the Exion Discord server in late 2017. He was arguably the most successful amiibo trainer in the late Super Smash Bros. 4 metagame and is one of the best in Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate. His signature amiibo is Sarah and he mains Lucina in the Super Smash Bros. series.


Supernova first joined in 2017 after YouTuber Alpharad uploaded a video that included a shout-out to the Amiibo Dojo. He picked up on the metagame’s rules and training styles very quickly and was able to find success soon after. Despite only participating in the final year and a half of the five-year long metagame, Supernova racked up many tournament wins, the full list of which is provided below. Brackets are included where possible.

Tournament Wins: 34

S.A.T. 1 (Lucina, SSB4) – S.A.T. 4 (Kirby, SSB4) – S.A.T. Mini 3 (Lucina, SSB4) – S.A.T. 7 (Lucina, SSB4) – S.A.T. Mini 5 (Roy, SSB4) – Amiismal 2 (Lucina ,SSB4) – S.A.T. Mini 7 (Lucina, SSB4) – S.A.T. Mini 8 (Ryu, SSB4) – H.E.A.T. 2 (Ness, SSB4) – H.E.A.T. 4 (Cloud, SSB4) – Fulminix WLW 3 (Ness, SSB4) – Fulminix WLW 4 (Roy, SSB4) – Fulminix WLW 5 (Cloud, SSB4) – Fulminix WLW Finals (Lucina, SSB4) – F.R.O.S.T. 5 (Mii Swordfighter, SSB4) – Cloud Nine Amiibo League I (Ganondorf, SSB4) – S.A.T. Ultimate Edition (Pokémon Trainer, SSBU) – S.A.T. Ultimate Edition 3 (Lucina, SSBU) – Flash Fight 18 (Ridley, SSBU) – S.A.T. Ultimate Edition 4 (Ryu, SSBU) – Thundorian Champions (Ridley, SSBU) – S.A.T. Ultimate Edition 5 (Piranha Plant, SSBU) – S.A.T. Ultimate Edition 6 (Ridley, SSBU) – Amiibrawl 34 (Toon Link, SSBU) – S.A.T. Ultimate Edition 7 (Lucina, SSBU) – S.A.T. Ultimate Edition 8 (Toon Link, SSBU) – Lucina Round Robin (Lucina, SSBU) – S.A.T. Ultimate Edition 9 (Lucina, SSBU) – S.A.T. Ultimate Edition 10 (Ganondorf, SSBU) – Flash Farding Episode 2 (Ganondorf, SSBU) – Ridiculous Amiibo Tour (Lucina, SSBU) – Mad Man 3 Stamina Madness (Ganondorf, SSBU) – Super Street Fighter Ultimate (Ryu, SSBU) –  SSFU 2: Chamion Edition (Ryu, SSBU)

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