Community Wiki: Switch

Switch is the co-founder of Cloud’s Forum and a proud sponsor of the Amiibo Dojo. He is known for training one of the strongest Luigi amiibo in Super Smash Bros. 4 and has made appearances in Cloud’s Forum Adventures. Switch mains Luigi and Dr. Mario in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Switch joined Cloud’s Forum just a few days after its grand opening. He was quickly promoted to administrator and helped shape the site and community into what it is today. He was an avid player of Super Mario Bros. X (the forum’s central topic at the time) but did not share custom graphics or levels.

Switch took an extended leave of absence after Cloud’s Forum (then known as Super Mario Bros. X Empire) merged with the New Super Mario Bros. X forums to form SMBX Revived.  As a result, he was absent for the forum’s second iteration as “Cloud’s New Forum” and missed the debut of Cloud’s Forum Adventures.

After the High SMBX Council hacking incident (more information can be found on the Cloud’s Forum page), Switch returned to help increase activity and remained a core part of the community for several years. He also became a sponsor of the Amiibo Dojo and began participating in amiibo tournaments.

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