Switch (User)

Switch is one of the first members of the Exion Forums and has been its co-administrator since 2011. Switch has gone by several different usernames; these include FatCatNine, MikeTheCat, FCN, and VersusSwitch. Mains Luigi, Dr. Mario, and Wolf in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He also sponsors the Amiibo Dojo.


Switch joined the Exion Forums a few days after they first opened. As one of the first members, he was quickly promoted directly to administrator and helped shape the site. He was an avid player of Super Mario Bros. X, the forum’s central topic at the time, but shared custom graphics and levels fairly infrequently.

Switch took a temporary leave after the Exion Forums (then known as the Super Mario Bros. X Empire) merged with the New Super Mario Bros. X Forums to form SMBX Revived. As a result, he was mostly absent for the forum’s second iteration as “Cloud’s New Forum”, and missed the debut of Cloud’s Forum Adventures. During his absence, Switch created the learning bot Ack and worked together with Andro to allow it to join Discord servers.

After the High SMBX Council hacking incident, Switch returned to the Exion Forums to help increase activity and has remained ever since. He became an avid Cloud’s Forum Adventures fan and helped redesigned the character Switch. He also became a proud sponsor of the Amiibo Dojo.


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