Community Wiki: Waap

Waap is a commonly-used term in the Exion Discord server that refers to a match of Super Smash Bros. with items turned on. Switch believes it to be the optimal way of playing the video game; this is because items give him a fighting chance against strong opponents like Cloud. The origin of the word “waap” is unknown; the term was coined by Cloud but many speculate it to be random nonsense that happened to stick.

General Information

Waap matches are generally held with three stocks and a medium-length timer. All items (save for the Special Flag) are switched on and set to high, which leads to interesting combos, KOs, and match results. A waap without items is referred to as a fote.

In the 2020 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate downloadable fighter presentation, game director Masahiro Sakurai used the term “waap” when demonstrating a match with items switched on. Whether this was a coincidence or not remains unknown.

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