Community Wiki

Welcome to the Exion Community Wiki! Our community has been around since 2011 – for over eight years – and so there is a lot of history, lingo, and events to read about and catch up on. This archive is updated on a regular basis with new pages and information, so check back often!

Specific Users

Amiibo DanAndroArklaineBlakersBlankBurrCloudCucco-MasterDONkLEDreamy JayFarmingSimFirespikeGlennJesterJustBrianKeebsLatiosLeafMegarMegaVGmasterMiDeNoahOmegaPenguhrSFPTSmittySpliceSupernovaSwitchTMacVintro

Please note that none of these wiki pages were written by the member they contain information on. I had help writing a lot of these, so thanks to the community for appropriately helping complete the community wiki!

Places, Objects, and Miscellaneous

AckAmiibo DojoAmiibo TrainerAmiiBot – Cloud’s ForumExion Discord ServerExion VaultFoteInside Jokes / MemesWaap

If you would like to become a member of the community, join our Discord server! This wiki contains just about everything you need to know before entering (including commonly-used terminology and lingo), so after reading it, you will be ready to jump in and participate!


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