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Exion has been hard at work pumping out amiibo training guides and content since 2015. That makes us the oldest and most consistent amiibo training site out there! Unfortunately, keeping the site up and running costs a lot of money. I’ve been paying for its upkeep out of pocket, but between pandemic complications and increasing financial burdens, I can’t consistently pay for it on my own anymore. For reference, upkeep costs several hundred dollars per year.

If you’re a follower of our content or enjoy what you’ve read, I humbly ask that you take a moment to lend your support. Any assistance is very much appreciated and will [hopefully] help me keep the site running for many years to come. I’ve got a PayPal form you can use below to donate if you’d like — you don’t actually need a PayPal account to use it, though, so no worries there. If you’d prefer not to use PayPal, we accept payments through CashApp ($ExionVault) as well. Alternatively, my commissions are also open, and I’d be more than happy to draw you something neat in exchange. Either way, thank you so much for helping out! Please note – for technical reasons – you might need to use a desktop computer to see the payment link.

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