Exion Discord Server: Lingo

Welcome to our Discord server! If you’re reading this page, you probably just clicked this link from the #welcome channel and want to learn more about the types of discussions we have. Great! Here’s a full list of terms and words we use often that you might not know much about at first.

  • AKS: Armor Knight and Speed. Refers to the Spirit combination of Armor Knight and Move Speed ↑ /  Trade-Off Ability ↑ / Trade-Off Speed ↑. Those three bonuses are examples of Spirit effects that increase its user’s movement speed to compensate for Armor Knight’s slight mobility drop.
  • Bin file: This isn’t an abbreviation, it’s a file type! Inside each amiibo figure is a tiny chip that holds a .bin file. And this file contains all of its training data! Some of our tournaments require players to use external tools to retrieve that .bin file to send it to the tournament host. The host can then zap the .bin file onto their Nintendo Switch as if they have the actual amiibo! For more information on how this works, see here.
  • CFA: Cloud’s Forum Adventures. Not amiibo-related, unfortunately. It’s the name of a comic series I made when I was 12. And then I made more when I was 17 for some reason. You can read more here.
  • GAH: Great Autoheal. Refers to another super-strong bonus. When talking about its lesser version, Autoheal, we typically just write it out. It isn’t quite long enough to be worth an abbreviation.
  • Musket method: A specific amiibo training method named after MiDe’s Lucina amiibo, Musket (which brought this training method to light in the first place). Basically, if you’re raising an amiibo via the Musket method, you have to walk and rely on forward smashes. It’s more effective than it sounds.
  • Powersaves: One of those external tools I was just talking about! They’re kind of hard to come by, but they can back up amiibo files and even restore old ones. Which means you can use Powersaves to enter tournaments or even make an amiibo fight itself! For more information, have a look at our wiki page.
  • SA / SSA: Super Armor / Slow Super Armor. Refers to two of the best bonus effects in the game! It’s so much easier to type SSA than it is to type Slow Super Armor.
  • TOA: Trade-Off Ability. It refers to Trade-Off Ability ↑, a bonus effect that works great on a wide variety of characters.

We’ll be sure to update this page with new terms… if any new ones are coined anytime soon! In the meantime, if you’re just starting out, we have a bunch of resources you can check out. Our character-specific guides, tier list, and personalities lists are good places to start!