Exion Discord Server: Rules

Welcome to our Discord server! As is standard for reasonably large communities, we’ve got a set of rules you’ll need to follow at all times. Generally speaking, we’re not too strict, but certain rules can lead to instant kicks or bans if broken. We just ask you to be mindful of the following rules during your time here!

Numbered Rules

  1. No NSFW content. Explicit content is strictly prohibited. Overly sexual, violent, or otherwise-disturbing content isn’t acceptable here. This includes (but isn’t limited to) via text, images, custom stages, profile pictures, and unsolicited DMs to server members.
  2. Be respectful. Please be mindful of your words and actions. We’re here to have fun and be nice. Intentionally causing disruption or discomfort among members is not allowed. Unacceptable behaviors include (but, again, are not limited to) using offensive slurs, targeting harassment, and making fun of somebody’s identity, sexuality, or disabilities.
  3. No piracy. Don’t link to illegal content or websites that encourage piracy. This includes NFC Bank. Do note that discussion of emulation is permitted, though we don’t allow members to upload or link ROM files or disc images.
  4. Advertising is only permitted in #oc. And you can’t advertise Discord servers, either. Posting a Discord link of any kind will result in an automatic and temporary mute, so please be mindful of what you’re posting. Websites and videos are completely fine to post in #oc as long as they follow the rest of our rules. Meaning no NSFW stuff.
  5. English only. This is a primary English-speaking server. We’re not very good at speaking other languages, so if you really want to join our server but don’t speak English, please use a translator or have somebody help you. It would be much appreciated.
  6. Listen to staff. If a staff member finds your behavior disruptive or inappropriate and asks you to stop, please do so. That being said, though, the staff can be wrong sometimes too. If you think that’s the case, please DM the server owner (Ethan_#7308) and we can work something out.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • Don’t upload .bin files of other trainers’ amiibo without their direct permission. This includes submitting them to tournaments on their behalf (but again, without their permission). If you have no idea what we’re talking about, feel free to read this post for more info.
  • The #realtalk channel is to be used for serious discussions only. Members who purposefully derail or devalue conversations held there will be removed from the channel. We all need a safe space to vent and talk about ourselves, so we’d like to keep this atmosphere intact at all costs!
  • Some channels and features are only available to Verified members. To become Verified, all you have to do is ask an Administrator or Dictionary Club member (both of those are roles that can be pinged) to verify you after you’ve been in the server for three days or more.
  • We log certain types of data for the purpose of moderation. Gotta keep things secure. Things we log include join times, nickname changes, and deleted messages. We appreciate your understanding here!

These rules aren’t too hard to follow, luckily, so we hope you enjoy your time here! We’re always open to suggestions – both for the site and its Discord server – so feel free to make a suggestion in any of the relevant channels. For more information on our Discord server, check out its wiki page. For more information on amiibo training… check out the entire site. But maybe start here.