Super Smash Bros. Guides

There are a number of unlockables to obtain throughout the Super Smash Bros. series, and we’ve written guides on each title to help you attain each and every one! Posts covering the original Super Smash Bros., Melee, Brawl, both versions of 4, and Ultimate have all been made available.

Unlockables (SSB) – Unlockables (SSBM) – Unlockables (SSBB) – Unlockables (SSB4 3DS) – Unlockables (SSB4 Wii U) – Unlockables (SSBU)

A full list of amiibo training guides for Super Smash Bros. 4 can be found in the Amiibo Dojo Vault, and training guides for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can be found on the Amiibo Dojo itself. If there’s a guide you think we should add to the list, feel free to suggest one by joining our Discord server.

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