Welcome to Exion Vault’s post index! Our navigation system has quite a few categories, the most popular of which are the amiibo and community tabs. However, a good amount of our posts don’t fit in any of these categories, so they’ve been listed here for visibility. These miscellaneous posts have been categorized by genre and then alphabetically, so have a look!

Gaming Guides

This category is dedicated to gaming guides that don’t fall under our amiibo tab. There’s a bunch of Kirby Star Allies, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and general Super Smash Bros. guides, if you’re interested in those!

Gaming News, Impressions, and Compilations

Definitely the smallest of our categories. As we tend to focus on guides, we don’t post gaming-related news or impressions all that much, but the few we do have will be listed here.

Miscellaneous amiibo Training

Miscellaneous amiibo training posts that aren’t considered “guides”. Everything that isn’t listed here can be found through our navigation system! If you’re looking for amiibo training guides but wound up here instead, follow this link. Be sure to check back often for the newest posts and articles!