How to train a Dark Samus amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

A complete summary of Dark Samus’s performance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can be found on the character’s information page. It includes strengths and weaknesses, quirks in artificial intelligence, and an archive of tournament representation and results. Continue reading How to train a Dark Samus amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


amiibo Predictions: Hero

I’ve had enough “Leaf is the hero” jokes to last me a lifetime, and yet I’m still looking forward to the Hero amiibo making his debut in the metagame. The Hero is a highly controversial character due to his many RNG-factors, and I have no doubt those factors will carry over into amiibo, and possibly be even more potent. I’m excited to write this one, so I’ll skip the formalities and get right into it.

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amiibo Predictions: Joker

With the last wave of announced amiibo releasing in a few days and both of their AIs already cracked – as well as them both being echo fighters – speculation has begun on the AI of the 4 announced DLC fighters. Joker is a mystery right now, and I’m sure he’s happy about that reputation, but I decided it was high time I give my own interpretation of the first DLC fighter’s potential in the amiibo metagame.

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Community Spotlight: Captain Kidd

Hello everyone! Welcome to our second Community Spotlight post, where we are going to show off a creator with amiibo-related content who deserves a lot more attention. Since our last post, our community has grown even larger, and new members are joining the Exion Vault Discord server at a rapid rate! It’s exciting times for sure, but our work is nowhere near complete. This year is going to be full of exciting things for amiibo training!

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